Church of the Virgin Mary owes its construction to the Jesuits, who began their activities in Minsk In the middle XVII century. In 1683, the monks of the order began the construction of the monastery, and already in 1700 a stone church was laid. By 1710 the church was completely finished and lit with the names of Jesus, Mary and St. Barbara. Despite this, the appearance of the church continued to change over the next decades.

Jesuit Monastery and Church of the Virgin Mary in Minsk

The appearance that we can see today was formed in 1732, when the towers of the church were completed.

Old photo of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
old photo of the church, source: Globus of Belarus

The external and internal design of the Church of the Virgin Mary belongs to the Baroque style and rightfully aroused the admiration of the parishioners. Frescoes, beautiful murals, ornamental painting, wooden figures of 12 apostles - all this made the temple majestic.

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In 1773, the church was reorganized into a parish due to the abolition of the Jesuit order. After 1798, the temple was re-consecrated into the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Church of the Virgin Mary Minsk

During the Second World War, the church was badly damaged, but was not destroyed. In fact, it was rebuilt already under Soviet rule in 1951, completely destroying the towers and the appearance of the temple. Ancient frescoes and murals were simply painted over with paint.

What the Church of the Virgin Mary looked like in Minsk

The building of the church became the place where sports sections trained until 1993. By 1997 Church of the Virgin Mary reconstructed, returning the former appearance, and re-consecrated.

Church of the Virgin Mary Minsk

The church and the former Jesuit monastery are located in the very center of historical Minsk, opposite the town hall, at Freedom Square 9.

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