On the outskirts of the agricultural town Derechin is a striking example of neo-gothic architecture - Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Today this temple is one of the main attractions of the village along with Savior Transfiguration Church.

Kastsel Unebaўzyatsya Holy Dzeva Mary (Dzyarechyn)

Dominik Tarasevich received permission to build the church in 1904, and in 1906 active work began. The first priest and main enthusiast was a young priest Adam Abramovich, who was engaged in the restoration of the parish in Derechin. However, the priest, with his active work, attracted unwanted attention from the authorities and was eventually arrested, and then removed from the affairs of the Catholic parish. The construction of the church was completed by Adolf Rametsky in 1913.

Church in Derechin old photo
1920 year

The temple in Derechin is three-aisled and single-towered, decorated with buttresses, arched windows with stained-glass windows, and the main entrance is highlighted with a wick. There is also a rather unusual element in the architecture of the building: the right sacristy has a small Gothic turret, which adds asymmetry to the whole composition.

Examples of Neo-Gothic architecture in Belarus

Neo-Gothic in Belarus

In the post-war years, the Catholic church was closed, and the building was used as a warehouse. Because of this, the church quickly fell into disrepair, and towards the end of the 50s it was completely dilapidated.

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Derechin

An interesting story is connected with the restoration of the Church of the Virgin Mary in the early 90s. According to rumors and recollections of locals, a cinematographer from France, Jean Kerchner, whose honored wife was from Derechin, took an active part. Restoration work continued until 1994, after which the temple was solemnly re-consecrated and opened.

A little away from the Catholic Church is a local cemetery, where there are ancient burials.

Catholic cemetery in Derechin

To the right of the church, the plebanian building has been preserved.

Plebania Derechin

Once there was a Dominican monastery in Derechyn, the successor of which, in fact, was the new church. Below is the point with the location of this object on the map:

At the entrance to the agricultural town, pay attention to Jewish cemetery. Derechin is located between Dyatlovo и Zelva, which also has many interesting sights.

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