In the Berezinsky district, Minsk region, there is a small agricultural town Bogushevichi, mentioned in chronicles as early as the beginning of the 16th century. For such a long history, the place managed to be owned by the Zawishes, Wankoviches and Sventorzhetskys. Under the last on the banks of the river Usa was built Church of the Body of God.

Temple in Bogushevichy

True, this temple was originally built as tomb of the Sventorzhetsky family, which explains its unusual architecture. The hexagonal temple with pinnacles looks more like a chapel.

Where was the Bogushevichi burial vault of the Sventorzhetsky family

It is curious that the exact date of construction of the church in Bogushevichy is unknown, but most sources point to the middle of the 19th century.

tomb of the Sventorzhetsky family

Kascel Bozhaga Tsela Bagushevichy

The former tomb has a pronounced neo-Gothic architecture, and the building itself is made in the form of a hexagon tending to the rotunda (such a feeling is created from a height).

Sights of Belarus - church in Bogushevichy

There is an interesting assumption that the construction was carried out according to the project of the architect Yakub Kubitsky. The temple-tomb was located next to the estate of the Sventorzhetskys, who quite possibly turned to the famous Polish architect. However, he mainly worked with the Classicism style and more with palace designs. In addition, he died in 1833, at that time, probably, work on the construction of the church had not yet begun.

Neo-Gothic church in Bogushevichy

After the defeat of the uprising of 1863, the Sventorzhetsky manor complex was burned for active participation and support of the rebels. They did not destroy the tomb, but transferred it to the bosom of the Orthodox Church.

Bogushevichi burial vault of the Sventorzhetsky family

In 1869, the temple was re-consecrated, but apparently they did not begin to rebuild the building.

Church of the Body of God in the agricultural town of Bogushevichi, Belarus

50 years later, in 1919, St. Daniel's Church returned to the Catholics.

Unusual temple in Bogushevichy

Beautiful church in Bogushevichy

During the years of Soviet religious persecution, the church was not damaged, but services were not conducted in it - the church was used as a warehouse, and later as a local club.

Church of the Body of God in the agricultural town of Bogushevichi

After some time, the building was abandoned. The Bogushevichi church began to be empty until a fire broke out in its walls. This sad event happened in 1989. The first attempts to restore this beautiful church were made in 2000. The central tower was partially reconstructed, the walls were plastered, decor elements were restored. The interior of the temple looks, though simple, but quite cozy.

How the castle looks like at the Bagushevichy spring
Stary zdymak 1900. From be.wikipedia

You can get to this attraction along the M4 highway (Minsk-Mogilev) and drive from it only 10 kilometers along the H800 road. It is definitely worth visiting the Church of the Body of God in the agricultural town of Bogushevichi, below is the location on the map:

If you have feelings for abandoned historical buildings, you can stop by the village Rovanichi. There you will see Ruins of St. Anthony's Church и estate Slotvinsky. In the city of Berezino, you can look at the old Count Potocki's estate.

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