Baranovichi can be called a fairly young city Belarus. Its official history dates back to 1871 and is known as a major railway junction of the country. There are enough sights in the city, but there are few really bright and memorable ones. One of these objects is wooden Holy Cross Church the first half of the 20th century.

Church in Baranovichi

Exaltation of the Cross Church in Baranovichi

Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross built in 1924 year. The architecture of the temple is extremely unusual, there are elements of baroque, classicism and even neo-gothic. The shape of the building is rectangular, visually divided into 2 levels. A figured turret with a spire is built into the roof above the facade.

Wooden churches in Belarus

Wooden church in the city of Baranovichi

The entrance to the Baranovichi church is framed by a portico on two columns. Particular attention is drawn to the symbol of the “all-seeing eye”, in the context of Christianity means the sign of the Holy Trinity.

Masonic signs in Baranavichy

Exaltation of the Cross Church in Baranovichi

It is interesting that initially only one faceted sacristy was attached to the temple (the one with a vestibule). Then, at some point, another sacristy was completed, which added symmetry to the building.

Unusual churches in Belarus

In front of the entrance to the church, a neo-Gothic three-arch stone gate was built.

Brama of the church in Baranovichi

The temple is located in the center, next to the Orthodox Cathedral, on Kuibyshev street, 36.

In Baranovichi, you can see a few more historical buildings worthy of attention: the Royal estate, the former synagogue, the excise office.

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