In Orsha, in addition to classical architectural monuments, it is worth paying special attention to places that are dedicated to life and creativity. Vladimir Korotkevich. Anyway, Orsha is the small homeland of one of the most famous writers Belarus 20th century. And of course, it’s worth starting with a nominal museum on Lenin street 26. It is noteworthy that since 1925 the local maternity hospital was located in this building, in which the future author of Dzikag's palyavannya karal Stakh was born. There is even a curious story about how, in his youth, Korotkevich hid from the rain under the canopy of the maternity hospital and prophetically joked (or not?): “When I become famous, my museum will be opened in this building.“. As a result, this happened, the Orsha Museum of V.S. Korotkevich has been working since the early 2000s.

Korotkevich street in Orsha

The city has streetnamed after Vladimir Korotkevich. Passers-by and tourists are greeted by a bas-relief of a still very young writer and a sign: “Heta street bears the name of our countryman - Uladzimir Karatkevich, the national writer of Belarus”. It has preserved a small wooden house in which the writer spent his school years.

The house where Korotkevich lived in Orsha

In 2018, everyone even had the opportunity to purchase this house, then it was just put up for sale for about $17.

On the panel next door, in 2020, a talented local artist Dmitry Tolkachev painted a massive mural for the anniversary of Korotkevich.

Korotkevich in Orsha

In addition to the portrait of the writer, the mural also depicts his sketches and part of a fragment of a poem dedicated to Orsha.

Mural depicting Korotkevich in Orsha

In 1992, in the central part of the Fairytale Country park, a commemorative bust depicting the young Vladimir Korotkevich at the creative process was erected. From the open book, the motives of his most famous works seem to be pouring.

Where is the monument to Korotkevich in Orsha

This monument made sculptures Igor Golubevwho is also immortalized in bronze Napoleon Ordu in the city of Ivanovo and Yuzep Drozdovich in Minsk.

Monument to Korotkevich in Orsha

Within the walls of the former collegium of the Jesuits there is another place that bears the name of Vladimir Semyonovich in Orsha - this is the city children's library at number 1 named after Korotkevich.

Orsha Jesuit Collegium

Of course, such a legendary writer deserves more mentions in his small homeland, and what is there, in all of Belarus, but so far, unfortunately, this list is quite small.

If you are in Orsha, I recommend to look at old millwhere the museum now operates.

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