Village Faschevka (also Khvashchevka), Mogilev district, is interesting with a rather unusual attraction - there is memorial column established by the Jesuit monks in honor of Saint Simplician. There is another version of the construction of the column - in honor of the adoption of the constitution of the Commonwealth on May 3, 1791.

Column of St. Simplician in Faschevka

There is an assumption that the column serves as a landmark of the place where the monks hid relics from the lost Church of the Epistle of the Holy Spirit. After the defeat of the uprising of 1830, Catholic monasteries were closed all over Belarus. The Jesuits were afraid that valuable religious artifacts would be destroyed, so they took this rather risky step.

What is the column in the village of Fashchevka

Memorial column in honor of Saint Simplician

The exact date of construction of the column is unknown. Most likely it was built between 1810 and 1832. At the top of the column, a wooden statue of St. Simplician has been partially preserved.

Who is Saint Simplician?

In the post-war years, the column was called with disdain “Fashchevsky Elupen”, and by what miracle it has survived to this day and remains a mystery.

An unusual column in the village of Fashchevka, Mogilev region

Finding this unusual attraction is quite simple: from the M8 highway, move towards the center of the village of Fashchevka, from where turn left to the local cemetery.

If you are in these parts, I recommend that you stop by Shklov to see the town hall, bosom и former synagogue.

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