At the entrance to the village Bezdezh by Chomska You can see memorial column of the late 18th century. In 2012, it was restored, adding several plates with different information.

Memorial column in the village of Bezdezh

There are several versions in honor of what events this column was built. The first one is in honor of adoption of the Constitution of the Commonwealth 1791 years (similar memorial column in Glubokoye).

Memorial column Bezdezh old photo
Zdymak 1929, photo: S. Bochnig

The second version says that this is a monument in memory of the victory of the detachment Mikhail Oginsky over the soldiers of the Russian colonel Albichev in 1771.

Memorial column in the village of Bezdezh

Roadside column in the village of Bezdezh

The column stands one kilometer from the center of Bezdezh, on the H635 highway.

In the village you can see wooden church of 1784and Trinity Church.

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