One of the main attractions in the city Orsha can safely be called Jesuit collegium. Today, this building has been restored in accordance with its original appearance, and inside there is an art gallery, an exhibition hall of the museum and a children's library named after Korotkevich.

What to see in the city of Orsha?

The history of Orsha Jesuit monks begins in the first half of the 17th century. King Zhigimont III Vasa allocated an excellent plot of land in the center of the city and in 1611 allowed the construction of a collegium.

The Jesuits were supposed to train the gentry youth of Orsha and nearby lands, for which they received a monopoly from the king of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Probably the first buildings of the monastery complex were wooden, since after a strong fire in 1680, almost all of them were destroyed. However, a few years later, the Jesuit Collegium was rebuilt from stone; King Jan Sobieski III allocated money for this.

What did the Jesuit temple in Orsha look like?

City of Orsha, Belarus

In addition to the two-story monastic building, a baroque church of saint michael (completely destroyed in the middle of the 19th century).

Orsha Jesuit Collegium

Museum in Orsha

In 1820, the collegium was closed due to a ban on the activities of the Jesuits. For some time the monastery passed to Dominican friarswho tried to save educational institutions, albeit in a reduced form. True, their activities were soon banned, and the collegium was completely closed.

Collegium of Jesuits Orsha

Since 1839, a prison (prison castle) has been located within the walls of the Orsha Collegium.

The prison was finally closed only at the end of the 80s of the last century. At that time, archaeological excavations were carried out on the territory of the complex and a phased restoration of the original appearance of the collegium began.

Jesuit Collegium in Orsha

Unusual drawing on the wall of the Jesuit Collegium

By 2014, the clock tower, which is very reminiscent of the town hall, was rebuilt and opened to visitors.

Is there a town hall in Orsha?

There is a rather curious fact that is often mentioned. It is believed that Napoleon Bonaparte stayed in the collegium building during the war of 1812. Together with him, the famous French writer Marie-Henri Beyle (Stendal) arrived in Orsha.

Collegium of the Jesuits in the city of Orsha photo inside

The former collegium of the Jesuits is located in the very center of Orsha, you can visit the museum for a fee.

Orsha is a city rich in attractions, I also advise you to look at old mill, I will clean up и monastic corps of the Order of the Trinitarians.


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