If you are interested sights of Belarus, and the ruins are a delight, then you should definitely visit the village princesses. Partially preserved at this location Dominican church.

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Church in Knyazhitsi was built at the end of the 18th century, construction took almost 30 years, and lasted from 1750 to 80 years.

Beautiful Catholic Church of Belarus

Initially, on the site of this stone church there was a Dominican monastery. The order was founded in the 17th century, in 1681. The Dominican monks launched their activities with the support of the then owner of these lands - Vladislav Pats.

A little later, the first wooden church was built in Knyazhitsi. The temple did not last long. Thanks to the donations of the gentry Krukovsky construction of a new monumental church began, the ruins of which can still be seen today.

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Due to the lack of supporting columns inside the church and the height of the arch of about 15 meters, the interior is fascinating. The space seems vast and imposing.

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Outside and inside, old scaffolding has been preserved - an attempt to restore the temple and slow down the stage of destruction.

Despite the fact that the restoration was not successful, the church in the village of Knyazhitsy impresses with its grandeur and monumentality.

Like many Catholic churches, in 1863 the church in Knyazhitsy was closed and transferred to the Orthodox Church. This is partly evidenced by the built-on pseudo-domes.

The ruins of the church of St. Nicholas

For the last 50 years, the Dominican church in the village of Knyazhitsy has been completely abandoned. In 2014, a one-minute overview video about the temple was shot:

Finding the ruins of the church is not difficult, they are clearly visible from the M4 highway. The village itself is located in the Mogilev region, 15 kilometers from Mogilev.

В Belarus there are several more abandoned churches that are as impressive as the ruins of a church in the vicinity of Mogilev. Definitely recommend to visit Settlement и Smolyan in the Vitebsk region. And from Minsk you can go to Trinity Church in Benica.


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