We have already published several nostalgic materials on various computer games on our website, among which, of course, there was the legendary strategy Warcraft. Now I want to touch Warcraft books. Yes, it turns out they are, which, to my shame, I recently found out. And so we will figure out who writes them, whether it is worth buying and whether they will be interesting.


Christy Golden Warcraft book series

This American writer, in the genre Fantasy, very well manages to adapt the known universes. She did not pass by and Warcraft. Her books are easy to read and will definitely be of interest to connoisseurs of the world of the Horde and the Alliance.

Just a list of books by Christy Golden

Birth of the Horde

clan lord



Arthas. Rise of the Lich King

Jaina Proudmoore. Tides of war

War crimes

Before the storm

Split. Cataclysm Prelude

Thrall. Twilight of the Aspects

Encyclopedia of Azeroth: Eastern Kingdoms

Description and personal impressions of books: chronology and tips

In 2016, Christie Golden wrote 2 books at once, or correctly adapted. The works belong to the cinema universe and do not quite fit into the general canon, but this does not prevent them from being interesting. Start with "Warcraft. Durotan“, which will tell the story of the legendary clan of the Frostwolves in one of the most difficult periods in their history.

You can continue directly with the book “Warcraft“. However, if you have watched the movie, you will not discover anything new for yourself. Here is an almost complete retelling, but I took it for the collection and read it with pleasure.

2 more books from Christy Golden that are must-read for Warcraft fans - “Lord of the Clans"And"Birth of the Horde".

“Lord of the Clans” will tell the story of the formation Orc Thrall from a slave to the leader of the New Horde and a shaman. “Birth of the Horde” is sort of the beginning of the orcs' dark path. Here the main character is Durotan, his early years as warchief, the destruction of the draenei, and the confrontation with Gul'dan.

I liked these books the most, a lot of interesting facts and stories.

In 2019, 3 books are released at once, from the author Christy Golden, on the World of Warcraft universe. First - Arthas, Rise of the Lich King. And here it is worth agreeing with the reviews of many - we have one of the best stories of all time. The book will tell the story of the crown prince of Lordaeron, his growing up, relationships and transformation into the Lord of the army of the Undead.

One of the main characters in the book is also - Jaina Proudmoore. The next book by Christy Golden is dedicated to her story - Tides of war, the hardships of the sorceress and the relationship with the new leader of the Horde - Garrosh Hellscream.

At the end of the summer of 2019, another story came out - War crimes. Where will Garrosh's trial take place? This is one of those Warcraft books that you should read only after the above, otherwise you will miss the integrity of the story.

World of Warcraft - Before the StormThe book appeared at the end of 2018. I started reading immediately after “Lord of the Clans” and was a little upset. I wanted smoother time transitions and more old heroes.

In the book "Before the Storm" the emphasis is on the young Anduin Wrynn, ruler of Stormwind and Sylvanus, leader of the New Horde, and queen of the Forsaken. For fans - must read! But it's better to put it aside and read other books from the list first. For example "Split“, 2020.

books on the universe of Warcraft - Schism

This book will have an important and interesting story for fans of the Warcraft universe. We will be told about the turning point in the Horde, when Thrall decides to become a simple shaman and put Garrosh in charge. A direct continuation of this book was the novel - "Thrall' end of 2020.

Christy Golden Warcraft books

Another great story about one of the most important heroes of Azeroth - Thrall. The former leader of the Horde is trying to accept his new role as a simple shaman and prevent the onset of a cataclysm in the world.

Richard Knaak

List of books by Richard Knaack

War of the Ancients Trilogy: Well of Eternity - Book One

Demon Soul Book Two

Schism - book three

Wolf heart

Fury of the Storm

Comic: Legends. Volume 1

Legends. Volume 2

Legends. Volume 3

Legends. Volume 4 Manga

Legends. Volume 5 Manga

Revenge of the orcs

Warcraft. The Sunwell Trilogy


As you know Warcraft universe books far from one author wrote, it is extremely difficult to build a simple list of narration. Therefore, in order to confuse you even more, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with creativity Richard Knaack, he has 5 collections of legends and several novels.

All of them are decorated with illustrations and are a manga or a b&w comic, it's hard to say for sure. You will find several stories in one volume, there will be about tauren, and about elves, and about orcs, and of course people.

On account of Richard Knaak also a series of War of the Ancients. A captivating epic that tells the story before the invasion of the Burning Legion and up to the decisive battles for Azeroth. The trilogy is really fascinating and interesting, in 2021 the final book in Russian was released.

Warcraft universe books by Richard Knaak

In 2020, a great book "Wolfheart" suddenly appears. It features night elves and worgen as the main focus, and describes the horde's invasion of Ashenvale. I liked the book, easy to read and interesting.

But that's not all. Richard Knaak also wrote the book "Revenge of the Orcs", in another more correct translation of "Day of the Dragon". It tells the story of the rescue of the Dragon Queen from the captivity of the orcs. And even on this, the entire list of the author does not end there. Alas, most of the works can only be read on the Internet.

Jeff Grubb

Another American science fiction author, under whose pen a book was published - Last Guardian.

It was received just fine, and many call it one of the best in the series. The events of the book will unfold in the world of Azeroth during the period when the invasion of the Burning Legion took place under the leadership of Sargeras. 

Encyclopedias and collector's editions

Under the authorship of several writers and artists, 3 volumes of the encyclopedia on the Warcraft universe were published. Such books will be great gifts for fans, they tell the story of all the races that inhabit not only Azeroth, but also other worlds. 

Collectible artbook 2018 with a large number of illustrations from the world of Warcraft. I can't say that I was delighted, but the quality of the book is excellent. If you like to watch more than read, then you will definitely like it.

Warcraft books

More Warcraft books from other authors

In 2010, Aaron Rosenberg released a voluminous book - World of Warcraft. dark tide. It will be a story during the Horde War, led by the Doomhammer and the people led by Lothar Anduin. Since the book tells a story that happened after the events of the movie, it's oh so curious to read! 

Warcraft books

Another book that is difficult to obtain in paper form is “On the other side of the dark portal“, it will contain a story from the old world of orcs - Draenor. There will be a second coming of the Horde, led by the old shaman Ner'zhul. The war of people and dark dragons, who decided to help the few orcs.

I hope you enjoyed this article! If you know books on the Warcraft universe that are also worth reading, write in the comments below. You can buy books on the Warcraft universe on the Bookvoed and Oz.by.

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