Ecological problems modernity is a topic that today worries almost every conscious person. While the layman is puzzling over questions: buy milk in a plastic bottle or a tetra pack, take bags at the checkout or walk with a shopping bag, drive a car or pedal a bicycle? Specialists write books on ecology, dissect the environmental problems of our time thoroughly, simultaneously debunking amateurish myths. In this collection, we have compiled a list books on ecologywhich a wide range of readers.

Viktor Zuev: “Aral Dead End”

books on ecology

The disappearance of the Aral Sea is one of the world's largest environmental disasters. The author Viktor Zuev conducted his own investigation, which reliably and fully reveals difficult questions:

What exactly happened in this area?

- how could the third largest lake on planet Earth disappear and what is the risk?

Are politicians to blame for this?

– how does this relate to Islamic fundamentalism and “developed” socialism?

- what are the mysterious UFOs over Barsakelmes and who is watching whom?

Is it possible to save the Aral Sea?

At the moment, this is the only book that gives a clear answer to the questions of the Aral Sea.

Hansjorg Küster: The history of the forest. View from Germany

The forest is often understood as the opposite of civilization - culture has no power there. However, it is enough to recall animalism, the reflection of the image of the forest in folk culture, fairy tales and myths, to understand that the connection between the forest and man is underestimated.

Author of "History of the Forest", paleobotanist, professor at the University of Hannover Hansjorg Küster in his book touches not only on the environmental problems of forests, but also in an attempt to understand the relationship between modern man and the forest, he turns to the synthesis of economics and poetry, botany and politics, archeology and nature conservation.

books on ecology

"Ecology. For students of non-biological specialties.”

books on ecology

In this textbook, the authors tried to go beyond the framework of the standard ecology courses, expanding the area of ​​environmental topics. The real causes of environmental problems lie in the relationship of man to nature.

It would seem a banal fact, but the solution of environmental problems accordingly requires a change in consciousness and begins with building a new type of thinking. The textbook is designed for a wide range of readers, as well as students of various specializations, including professional ecologists.

Maxim Schwartz: How cows became rabid

Prion diseases became widespread and became known in the late 20th century. The book is an interesting story about the history of the problem. Gives an understanding of the big picture, and also reveals little-known details of the origins of this complex modern "Evil". It also contains information about the threats of proliferation and ways to win in the boundless future.

books on ecology

It is recommended both for a wide range of readers and in the study of medicine, biology, veterinary medicine, food technology, etc.

“Chilling Stars. New theory of global climate change”

books on ecology

The authors of the book put forward a new hypothesis on the climate problems of our planet. They associate temperature changes (warming or cooling in unusual places on the planet) not with man-made factors or human activity, but much more abruptly - with cosmic rays. The book-sensation was published in Russian for the first time! On the pages of the book, physicist Henrik Svensmark and English writer, popularizer of science Nigel Calder tell how the Sun and distant galaxies are involved in the formation of weather on planet Earth.

Let's say more, the authors are moving radically against the idea of ​​global warming due to greenhouse gases, widely popularized by US Senator Al Gore

“Inconvenient truth. Global Warming Crisis”

books on ecology

There is an opinion that US Senator Al Gore specifically advertised the topic of global warming from greenhouse gases. Even the aforementioned book Chilling Stars is partly devoted to discrediting this idea. But it is important for us to understand this issue and we tend to study the literature on the topic of ecology and take into account all points of view on the environmental problems of our time, so we recommend that you also read the book by the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore.

And here we have collected interesting Movies. And of course about the documentary cinema Do not forget.

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