Fascinating Viking Books

The topic of the Scandinavian conquerors is of interest to many nations. Their way of life and customs, cruelty and courage, heritage and history attract more than one generation. You can get into their minds with the help of a book. Historical novels and publications that make you think about many aspects of medieval life.

Who wrote about fearless warriors and what books about Vikings are worth reading?

"Viking" Edison Marshall

Year of publishing: 1865

The historical novel tells about the time of the conquest of Northumbia by northern warriors - the Vikings. The book tells how the great and cruel hovding Ragnar died, describes the great love of the liberated slave Ogier and the princess of Wales. The book is full of exploits, adventures and struggles of the northern people.

"Viking Campaigns" - Anders Magnus Stringholm

Year of publishing: 1835

The book can be called an encyclopedia and historical work by A. Strinngolm. The “Viking Campaigns” tells about the life and ancient customs of the ancient Scandinavians, their way of life, state structure, campaigns and battles. The book, written in 1835, was repeatedly reprinted and won one of the leading positions among such creations. This is one of the most famous and authoritative writings about the Viking Age.

Viking Age - Peter Sawyer

Year of publishing: 1967

Rich in historical truth, the book is dedicated to violent warriors, the mention of which excited the whole of Western Europe. The Viking Age was brought to the world by an English historian in the course of a thorough study of historical sources about the Vikings and the dark age. The book reveals the main reasons for their campaigns and many facts about the northern peoples.

Vikings - Holger Arbman

Year of publishing: 1961

The book takes you to an era that had a huge impact on the further development of European peoples. The book came out from the pen of the outstanding Swedish archaeologist Holger Arbman and is dedicated to the Vikings. In it you can see the general picture of the life of the Scandinavian people, archaeological and historical facts about fearless warriors. The accessible writing style makes the book appealing to all ages.

"Eaters of the Dead" - Michael Crichton

Year of publishing: 1976

A native of the Arab aristocracy, Ibn Fadlan, having gone on behalf of the caliph, is captured by the northern people, in a country where the day is longer than the night, and at night demons come together and behead people. A fearless squad of Vikings is sent to fight against a tribe of eaters of the dead. At their head stands the fearless Beowulf. Ibn Fadlan becomes part of the detachment - the 13th warrior.

Vikings. Life, religion, culture" Jacqueline Simpson

Year of publishing: 2005

A book written by a specialist in Scandinavian culture and editor of the Folklore magazine. A detailed story about sailors and conquerors, famous for their cruelty and campaigns. You will learn the details of the life of the Vikings, their rituals, archaeological finds and the folklore of the warlike people. The book is written using original sources, detailed illustrations and accessible narrative language.

Saxon Chronicle

The Saxon Chronicle book series by Bernard Cornwell

Year of publishing: 2005-2015

A literary cycle of ten books (an 11th book is planned) about the struggle between an ancient Germanic tribe (Saxons) and the Normans (Danes and Norwegians) for the British Isles. In the fifth century, the Romans left the islands. Britain was fragmented into small kingdoms. The northern peoples brought protracted wars, bloodshed and destruction to these lands.

"Viking boat. White Strangers - James L. Nelson

Year of publishing: 2013

The story of how Thorgrim goes for a profit, but finds himself in a cycle of passions. In an attempt to cash in on the sale of the Crown of the Three Kingdoms, Thorgrim Nightwolf is captured by the Vikings. The hunt for the relic of Ireland does not end there. What will the struggle for the Irish throne lead to?

"Valkyrie. The one I'm always waiting for" - Maria Semenova

Year of publishing: 2001

Danish warriors saw many seas, fought in many battles, but even they, the harsh Vikings, marveled at the fearlessness of the Valkyrie. The maiden-warrior played with death and each time won this game. Was it kept by Scandinavian aces, Slovenian gods or spirits of natural elements? Different things were said about her, but the glorious name of Valkyrie became a legend.

Viking World. The Daily Life of Odin's Children - Martin J. Dougherty

Year of publishing: 2014

A disaster for the whole of medieval Europe - the Vikings, ferocious sailors and warriors of the wild North. The fame of murderers, slave traders and ruthless robbers went ahead of their drakkars. Time has changed the idea of ​​this people as fearless, courageous and skillful warriors who did not know the word "fear". The book talks about stereotypes and reveals the true story of the Vikings. Did they fight or were merchants, how did they live, what was the main custom and way of life? All this on the pages of the book was described by the British historian Martin Dougherty.

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