One of the many Orthodox churches in Vitebsk is Intercession Cathedral on Lenin Street. However, not everyone knows that the church was originally the Church of the Virgin Mary, built under Trinitarian monastery. The monks of the order settled in Vitebsk in the mid-18th century, and by 1760 they had finished the wooden church and residential buildings of the monastery.

Sights of Vitebsk

Klyashtar trinitarya Vitsebsk
1941, krynitsa: be-tarask.wikipedia

In 1806, the reconstruction of the complex's buildings in stone began. First, there were residential buildings, and in 1814, work was completed on the stone church.

Intercession Cathedral in Vitebsk

The Vitebsk Trinitarian Monastery remained open until 1847, after which it was liquidated, and the church building was rebuilt as an Orthodox church. The architecture has changed: onion domes have appeared, a light drum has been added above the roof, but the general style of classicism has been preserved.

Pokrovsky Cathedral Vitebsk

In the 30s of the last century, during the period of active struggle against religion, the church was closed. Believers returned to the cathedral in the early 90s, when the temple was restored.

temples and churches in Vitebsk

Klyashtar trinitarya Vitsebsk

Below is a point with a landmark on the map:

If you are in Vitebsk, I also recommend visiting the town hall and go up to Assumption Cathedral.

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