Holopenichi is a medium-sized urban settlement in the Krupsky district, Minsk region. The first mention of the town dates back to the middle of the 15th century, and over a long history these lands passed from one prominent family to another. However, it is worth mentioning Martian Dominik Halecki, through whose efforts in 1703 founded Dominican monasteryand also built a wooden church. In addition, Khaletsky sponsored the construction of a Uniate church in 1712, on the site of which today you can see ruins of an orthodox church.

Former Dominican convent

The Dominican monastery was rebuilt from stone at the end of the 18th century, while the Church of the Holy Cross remained wooden.

Agricultural town Holopenichi

After the suppression of the uprising of 1830, it was decided to close the monastery. At the same time, the church in Kholopenichi remained a parish church until it was destroyed by fire in 1844. The further fate of the Catholic parish remained rather vague, perhaps the building was rebuilt.

Interesting places in Minsk region

It is known that the building of the stone monastery was used for various administrative needs, and in 1904 there was an attempt to rebuild part of the premises for a new church.

Stary Klyashtar Halopenichy
1904, krynitsa: “Cathalian shrines. Minsk-Magilevskaya” archidyatseziya

Just at that time, a kind of apse and a signature above the pediment were completed.

Where was the church in Kholopenichi

If you look closely at today's building, you can still see the features of the former religious building.

Holopenichi where the Dominican monastery was

In the 30s of the last century, the building was taken away from the Catholics and repurposed as a local House of Culture, and in the 70s an incomprehensible vestibule was added to the facade.

Holopenichi Church of the Dominicans

That part of the building where the church was used as an assembly hall, the smaller building of the monastery is mothballed.

Cascel and klyashtar of the Damіnіkantsў Khalopenіchy

Kholopenichi former Dominican monastery

There is a small commemorative cross “Kholopenchiskaya volost” in the nearby clearing, it was installed in 1861 - just then serfdom was abolished.

Holopenichi attractions

A bust of Adam Bogdanovich, an ethnographer and teacher, the father of the poet Maksim Bogdanovich, who left many memories of the Kholopenichi, was erected right there in the park.

Holopenichi monument to Adam Bogdanovich

Below is a point with a mark of the place where the building of the former Dominican monastery is located:

Not far from these places, I recommend seeing the ruins of the Svyatsky estate “Old Belitsa” in the village of Plemya.

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