Abandoned prison in Klaipeda

We continue to talk about interesting abandoned places around the world. Today we have abandoned prison in Klaipeda. The rich history of the building goes back to Klaipeda Castle.

In 1862, a neo-Gothic brick building was built. A jury court was established in the central part of the complex. The judiciary was located in the right wing. There were also prison cells.

In 1898, the prison complex was expanded by adding an extension with apartments for servants and a separate section for women. In addition, workshops and a number of outbuildings were also built. And since 1885, the district court began to work in this place.

Because of the stone plinth and barred windows, the building looked austere, which has not changed today. The stepped pediment rises above the wall, thus emphasizing the facade of the main street. Red brick walls without unnecessary decorative elements.

Not so long ago, this building belonged to the headquarters of the Klaipeda district police, but in the fall of 2015 it was relocated. The city municipality of Klaipeda is now actively deciding the fate of the building and is looking for potential new owners.




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