At the entrance to Derechin from the side of Zelva (route P142) pay attention to the old Jewish cemetery. In addition to traditional tombstones, there are several small brick tombs (?) here.

Jewish cemetery Derechin

Ancient cemetery Derechin, Zelvinsky district

The cemetery was partially ennobled in 2012 by sawing down weeds, and then in 2019 the stone fence was restored and a forged gate was made. On the memorial plaque near the entrance there is information that the cemetery was founded in the 18th century, and the improvement was ordered by the relatives of the Jews who died in Derechin during the Second World War.

Jewish cemetery in Derechin

Similar ancient cemeteries on the territory of modern Belarus about two hundred, but most of them in a rather neglected form.

Derechinskoye cemetery

In Derechin itself, except for церкви and the church, there was also a stone synagogue (not preserved), it was located near the building where the Euroopt store is today. In terms of architecture, it had a completely classic typical look for such buildings.

Synagogue in Derechin
roof: Yad Vashem Photo Archive

At the end of the 19th century, about 80% of the inhabitants of Derechin were Jews, about 1750 people. During the genocide of 41-44, almost all the Jewish inhabitants of the town were killed, probably in the same period the synagogue was destroyed.

Where was the synagogue in Derechin
Zdymak yes 1939, krynitsa: Yad Vashem Photo Archive
What the synagogue in Derechin looked like
roof: Yad Vashem Photo Archive

Below is a point with the place where the synagogue was probably located:

Among the lost historical heritage of Derechin, I would like to highlight the Sapieha Palace and the Dominican Monastery. If you are in these parts, you should go to Dyatlovo and look at the most beautiful baroque Church of the Virgin Mary.

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