Not far from the historical center Oshmyan there is a rather interesting attraction - it is old catholic cemetery with a wooden chapel.

Catholic chapel in Oshmyany

The formation of this cemetery dates back to the end of the 18th - the first half of the 19th century.

Ancient cemetery in Oshmyany

The wooden chapel that can be seen today was built only in 2005. However, outwardly, it repeats the architecture of its historical predecessor of the 19th century.

Wooden chapel in Oshmyany

There is a curious, but unconfirmed, fact according to which the first chapel was built from a dismantled Dominican monastery, which was located on the site Resurrection Church.

Gate of the Catholic cemetery in Oshmyany

There are quite a few dendritic monuments in the cemetery itself, and there are also several unusual tombstone sculptures. Here is an example of a tomb Barbara Volkanovskaya.

Tombstone of Barbara Volkanovskaya Oshmyana

Convenient entrance to the cemetery is located from the side Avdeev streets, below is a point on the map:

If you are in the city of Oshmyany, I recommend to see Church of St. Michael the Archangelas well as a peek into old synagogue near the local museum.


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