Name "church” quite rare for Belarus, in fact - this is Germanism. This term is usually called Lutheran churches. One of these temples is located in Grodno, - St. John's Church.

Lutheran Church in Grodno

The first Lutherans came to Grodno at the invitation of Anthony Tyzengauz in the second half of the 18th century. And in 1793, Stanislav Poniatowski donated a building to the German Lutheran community on the modern May Day street.

Kirkha Grodno on an old postcard

Grodno street May 1

Then there was an ordinary tavern, which was adapted for a church.

Grodno church
Zleva Zdymak of 1930, then Yashche Street Kirkhavaya

The exact date of construction of the Lutheran church in Grodno is unknown. Probably the church began to be built in the late 18th - early 19th century. However, the modern look took shape much later - by 1873. Then the clock on the tower was solemnly installed.

Church in the city of Grodno

In 1912, the Grodno church was reconstructed: the facade was updated, a house for the pastor and a school were built.

What is Kircha

The building of the Lutheran Church in Grodno is a striking example of architecture neogothic. The temple has one nave, but is distinguished by a five-sided apse.

Lutheran Church in Grodno

In 2015, work was completed to recreate the original appearance of the church. The twelve-meter spire of the temple was rebuilt.

German church Grodno

As often happens, not everyone was satisfied with the result. Many were confused by stained-glass windows made of plastic and plexiglass. I did not like the cheap tin roof and, of course, the color scheme, which completely erased the authentic look of the building. Despite all the disadvantages, the church is a very popular tourist attraction in the city, here you can constantly meet people with cameras.

Lutheran Church in Grodno - the only church in Belarus

During the Soviet period, a local archive was placed within the walls of the church. The Lutheran cemetery was closed, and later it was built up with residential buildings. The temple was returned to the bosom of the Lutheran Church in 1995. Today, the church in Grodno is the only one operating in the whole country. So for example in Polotsk within the walls former church there is a museum, and in Brest - commercial enterprise.

Across the road is Intercession Cathedral, and a little further - the former female gymnasium (the building is a favorite place for photo shoots). See others interesting sights of Grodno.

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