В Brest there is a unique architectural monument and at the same time an unusual landmark of the city - former church. Similar objects in Belarus very little (Lutheran Church in Grodno and a church in Polotsk). The history of this building begins in 1936 year. Then the local Lutheran community received a small plot for the construction of their church. As a result, in a few years, according to the project of the architect Józef Baranski, the Brest church was completed.

Church in Brest

This building belongs to the architectural style constructivism. This direction is periodically found in religious architecture of the 20-30s of the last century, but it can hardly be called popular.

Interesting places in Brest - former church

Kirkha in Brest did not work for her intended purpose for long: from 1938 year to 1945 year. During the war, the temple was visited not only by parishioners, but also by patients from neighboring hospitals, as well as German soldiers.

What to see in Brest - church

В 1946 year, like the vast majority of churches and churches throughout the country, the church was closed. The building has been adapted to cinema "Change" (by the way, in Brest, the cinema “Belarus” has a similar history), it functioned until the very collapse of the USSR.

Church in Brest

After the “Change”, the Brest advertising company began to occupy the vacant place. Since 2010, this building has been included in the list of historical heritage of Belarus.

В 2019 year the amazing history of this building could take an unexpected turn. At a meeting with the Israeli ambassador, a local deputy discussed the issue of providing a former church for a synagogue. The proposal is actually rather strange, since there are several other buildings in Brest where synagogues were located historically. For example synagogue “Egdesh” in the house on the street of the Soviet Border Guards, 52.

Brest church photo

The former Lutheran church is located on Karl Marx street 37within walking distance of the city center.

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