About Khatyn. Memorial complex "Khatyn"

An architectural solution designed to convey to visitors the patriotic idea of ​​courage, mixed with the hard fate of Belarusians. In the territory Khatyn there is a monument to the victims of the war, crowns of log cabins instead of former dwellings, obelisks of stove chimneys, bells. The building was opened July 5, 1969. The creators of the memorial are the architects of Gradov, Levin и Zankevich, sculptor - Selikhanov.

Khatyn memorial complex

... That is how, briefly and concisely, one can describe our Belarusian wound, which will never heal, for an ignorant person or a foreigner. Only "Disobedient Man" Khatyn, with a child in his arms, hunched over from an overwhelming burden, and the Eternal Flame burns on guard of the village, resurrecting the conflagration of the Patriotic War, in which 9200 Belarusian villages and cities sunk.

Some of them burned several times, and whole hundreds did not revive, because there was no one to do it: the villages perished along with the inhabitants. What means Khatyn for a Belarusian? This question goes deeper than it seems.

Khatyn memorial complex

About Khatyn, history

Hitler's planOst" meant destruction 75% Belarusiansthe rest were destined for slavery. The unthinkable document included a total genocide enshrined at the state level by politics and propaganda.

Behind the dry figures of fascist reports, many ruined lives of young people, old people and children were hidden.

Excursion to Khatyn from Minsk

If you are planning to visit one of the main memorials of Belarus, then consider the tour option from Minsk:

The tragedy of Khatyn

On March 22, 1943, the Germans surrounded and systematically drove all the inhabitants of Khatyn into a collective farm barn. Having locked them up, the animals surrounded the structure with straw, carefully poured gasoline and set it on fire. The burning unfortunates, who tried to escape, were shot by machine-gun and automatic bursts.

149 people died, half of them were under the age of 16, while the village was consumed by fire. Two girls were able to crawl to the forest, were saved, but died among their rescuers in another village. Miraculously, only two boys and an adult blacksmith, Iosif Kaminsky, were able to survive. He woke up in the middle of the night, found his son, who soon died in his arms.

Khatyn memorial complex

... Only the bells are crying over Khatyn. Those who visit the village will still feel their ringing for a long time. He is far from the church, calls only to remember what simply cannot be forgotten. How impossible it is to forget a third of the Belarusians who remained in the heat of the war. One of the most famous sights of Belaruswhich will be of particular interest to visit.

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