Agrotown Snov is a unique place with huge tourism potential. There is palace in classical architecture, old manor, bosom и церковь. But the interesting objects do not end there. In Snova preserved Polish barracks, which were built in the 30s of the 20th century.

Abandoned barracks in Snov

The last representative of the Rdultovsky family sold the estate to the Polish Border Guard Corps in 1925 year. The Poles restored the palace, which was significantly damaged during the First World War. Its walls housed the administration, officer housing and even a casino. However, there was clearly not enough space.

Abandoned barracks in Snov

So, closer to 1928, the construction of the barracks began (part of the building in the shape of the letter “G”). By 1937 completed and military medical corps (higher part).

Polish barracks agro-town Snov

What to see in the agricultural town of Snov

After the end of the Second World War, the estate and the barracks were already occupied by the Soviet military. They did not change the purpose of the buildings. As before, a military hospital functioned in Snova.

Polish barracks of Dreams

After 2014, the buildings were no longer used, everything valuable was taken out, and the building was mothballed. Since 2015, there have been several attempts to sell the legacy of the Rdultovskys. The last auction took place in 2021, in the summer. According to information from open sources - successfully.

Abandoned barracks in the agricultural town of Snov

Surprisingly, the condition of this object is more than satisfactory. It is even difficult to call it a desert. It is clear that the former Polish barracks in Snow inspected and protected from vandals.

Abandoned hospital

Abandoned hospital agro-town Snov

Abandoned places in Belarus

Abandoned hospital in the village of Dreams

Polish barracks in Snow

Polish barracks in the agricultural town of Snov

Interesting places in Belarus

The barracks and the military hospital are located immediately behind the Rdultovsky Palace. The best place to park is near the house. street Nesvizhskaya 2 and walk.

What else to see in this region? Nearby there is an interesting village Great Lipa. It has preserved a unique gate-stable Obukhovichi.

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