In the city Kletsk there is an interesting and unusual attraction - former barracks from the early 20th century. The buildings form a complex that used to be Border Protection Corps. What kind of border is this? Between the Soviet Union and Poland, which was determined after 1918. As you know, Kletsk has been part of Poland since 1921, and today you can see three buildings that have survived from those times.

Left body

Barracks in Kletsk

The building is somewhat reminiscent of an entrance gate, but it is not. Probably at some point the building was altered, and the residential part was demolished.

Barracks Kletsk

From the side, you can still see traces of the junction of the residential part, even an authentic door has survived.

Interesting places in Kletsk

Barracks in the city of Kletsk

The barracks in the city of Kletsk are made with features of the architectural style modern. Rubble stone, brick and wood were used for the construction.

Attractions Klecka barracks

Barracks in Kletsk old photo
This is what the Left Building looked like in 1925 (facade)

Right body

The barracks were built from 1924 to 1925 and were used for their intended purpose for a long time - soldiers were stationed here 9 battalion of the Kletsk KOP. After the end of World War II, the building was converted into ordinary housing and administration.

Former barracks in Kletsk

Barracks in Kletsk old photo
The right building at the final stage of construction in 1925 (facade)

Kletsk barracks

Central barracks

The shape of the central building is significantly different from the two neighboring buildings, originally it housed the headquarters of the command. Unfortunately, I couldn't find old pictures.

Central barracks Kletsk

The structure is two-storey with a high wooden attic floor. Not so long ago, this building was reconstructed and is now used for the needs Kletsk Regional Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology.

Barracks central kletsk

Barracks in Kletsk can be found at the entrance to the city from the side route P12 leading to Inconclusive. Drive off onto Kazarmennaya street, turn before Church of the Intercession.

What else to see in the city of Kletsk? Be sure to visit the historic center. There is an abandoned Yeshiva “Etz Chaim” и Resurrection Church. As usual more sights of Belarus on the map.

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