Near Skidelya there is a curious village - Kashubianswhere you can see the ancient Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The temple was erected by monks of the Jesuit order from Grodno in order to expand their mission.

Kashubians Belarus

The church was built in 1773 with features of Baroque architecture. The building is entirely wooden, without frills or decorations. The facade is distinguished by a triangular pediment, flanked by modest towers. The rectangular building is covered with a hip roof, and the entire volume of the church is visually divided into two parts.

Temple in the village of Kashubintsy

Records mention that next to the temple there was also a wooden belfry, which was dismantled due to its disrepair. Today, a cemetery is growing on the church grounds, where there are quite a lot of old gravestones.

Ancient cemetery in Kashubyncy

Behind the apse of the church, pay attention to the unusual stele - installed on the crypt of the Vyganovsky family, who owned the neighboring Kotra estate.

Unusual gravestone in Kashubyncy

Despite the fact that the church in Kashubiny is wooden, it is well preserved; even 30 years of neglect did not destroy the centuries-old walls (from the 60s of the last century until 1990, the church was closed).

Kashubian Church of the Virgin Mary

Things are worse with the brick plaza; in Soviet times, the building was repurposed for housing, but at some point abandoned. There is also an old Bogatko estate in Kashubintsy; an alley of tall trees leads to the house. It’s true that it’s not very clear what’s happening to this estate now.

Plebania in the village of Kashubintsy

 Below is a point with the location of the church on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend to go to Milkovshchina, where the famous writer Eliza Ozheshko was born.

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