An interesting example of wooden architecture in Belarus is located in a picturesque village Gloss - is Church of the Heart of Jesus, which today unfortunately stands half-abandoned.

Ancient church in Losk

The temple was built from timber in the first half of the 20th century, apparently on the very spot where the predecessor church, dismantled in 1874, once stood.

Church in Loska old photo
cascel behind the military clock, old pasta, zdymak with be-tarask.wikipedia

There is confusion about the construction date; most sources indicate 1930 as the year the work was completed.

Draulian architecture of Belarus

However, there is every reason to assume that the church was built earlier, since at least one old photograph dates back to 1924.

Old photos of Belarus
Photo from 1924, from the website Globe of Belarus

The church was rebuilt during the period when Losk was part of interwar Poland, but the parish operated for some time in the post-war years. The church was finally closed in 1959, and the building was repurposed for agricultural needs.

Kascel Naysvyatseyshaga Serts Isusa Losk

The architecture of the building was partially preserved in its original form, the main change affected the facade - two towers were demolished.

Draulyany kacel Losk

To the right of the church there is a wooden house, dating back to 1935 (the foundation stone with the date has been preserved), it was built as a plebania. The building was empty for quite a long time, but not so long ago it was bought and brought back to normal.

The gloss of spitting

Behind the church there are also several old graves, one of which belongs to the priest.

Graves and villages Losk

Further down the street is the Church of St. George, and a little closer to the center - 14th century fortification.

Kastzel u vesci Losk

Once upon a time there was an old estate in Loska, although getting to the right place in winter is quite difficult, so no photos.

Loskovsky Church photo

The former church stands on the main street of the village of Losk, below is a point with a mark on the map:

If you are in these parts, I also recommend going to Krevo и Volozhin.

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