Catholic Church of the Mother of God of Good Counsel located in a rather remote place in the Smorgon region, where it can be difficult to get to. But those who dare will be able to see the neo-Gothic church built at the very beginning of the 20th century. What’s interesting is that when the temple was built, the land actually belonged to the village Nestanishki where there was also a farm of the Puzynov family. However, on today's maps the church stands within the boundaries of the village Shimoneli.

Sights of Belarus

The history of the Catholic parish in Nestanishki begins at the end of the 15th century; probably already then a wooden church was built here.

neogothic temple

Over such a long history, that church has gone through a lot: it was destroyed several times, rebuilt and even completely rebuilt from scratch.

Neo-Gothic church in the village of Shimoneli (Nestanishki)

The decision to build a stone church was made in 1905, and the work took about 6 years, and already in 1911 the new church was solemnly consecrated.

Kascel Maci God's Good Glad Nyastanishki

Church in the village of Shimoneli
Foundation plaque on the wall of the church

In terms of architecture, the building is a striking example of the neo-Gothic style of that time. The temple is made of red brick and has a cross shape. On the sides there are massive symmetrical sacristies, the facade is distinguished by high 4-tier towers with spiers.

Catholic Church of the Mother of God of Good Counsel Nestanishka

The walls are decorated with buttresses and oblong arched windows; the temple ends with a 5-sided apse.

Neo-Gothic architecture

Next to the church there is an old Catholic cemetery.

Mogilki Nestanishki

The church area is fenced with a low fence made of rubble stone, and there is a columned gate in front of the entrance.

Kascioli of Belarus

The fate of the parish and the church is quite vague. It is difficult to say whether it was closed and to what extent in the post-war years, as well as how the building itself was used.

On the way to Nestanishki, I recommend stopping by Dobrovlyany, where the Gunter estate was located.

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