Verdomichi is a medium-sized agro-town in the Svisloch district, located between Volkovysk and Porozovo. From the point of view of sights, the place is interesting for the heritage of the Tollochko family, to whom Verdomichi belonged since 1817. It was at that time that Julian Eduardovich Tollochko acquired the estate from Yuri Bulgarin. Under Tollochko, a beautiful estate was built, the architecture of which is somewhat reminiscent of the house of the de Virions in Liski. At the end of the 19th century, a brovar was erected, the ruins of which can still be seen today. However, it is best to Verdomichi preserved family tomb of Tollochko.

Chapel-tomb of Tollochko in Verdomichi

This neo-gothic chapel was built in 1905-06 according to the design of Tadeusz Struzhensky on the outskirts of the landscape park. A linden alley led from the estate to this tomb.

Chapel-tomb of Tollochko Verdomichi

The original design of the chapel was strikingly different from the appearance that we can see now. The building had a high turret with a spire, a pronounced vimperg, a complex pitched roof, and there was a circular lawn in front of the entrance.

Chapel-tomb of Tollochko in Verdomichi
1915, from the book: Aftanazy. Dzieje rezydencji na dawnych kresach Rzeczypospolitej. Tom 2

Since the chapel was semi-abandoned in Soviet times, many architectural elements were lost. In the early 90s, a reconstruction was carried out, thanks to which the building was preserved, albeit in a simplified form.

Chapel-tomb in Verdomichi

Above the entrance, pay attention to the relief cornice with a nameplate on which there is only one word in Polish - “SUNOWI”which means "to the Son." It is believed that the construction of the chapel was carried out in memory of one of the dead sons of Julian Tollochko.

Chapel of Tollochko Verdomichi

Chapel in Verdomichi

After reconstruction, the former chapel-tomb was planned to be used as a church.

Chapel-pahalochka Talochka

You can find this tourist site right at the entrance to Verdomichi, below is a point with a mark on the map:

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