The longest cable car in the world - Hong Thom

To see and find out where the longest cable car in the world you have to go to Phu Quoc island, Vietnam. The full name of the funicular is Hon Thom cable cars (Hon Thom cable car), 7,899.9m long, officially listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Connects two islands, conditionally the city of An Thoi Town and the end point of Hon Thom. Hon Thom Island is being actively developed as a theme park sun world, part of which is the cable car in Fukuoka.

At the time of my visit, mid-December 2019, most of the park was already ready. It seemed that in another year or two there would be a huge number of people.

Cable car in Fukuoka how to get there

Every year the island is changing, the infrastructure is developing. And if a year ago it was difficult to get on the funicular, today you can get there by public transport, taxi, scooter and as part of an excursion. And in the next few years, it will be possible to simply book a hotel near the Sun World park. The point in the navigator that you need - Hon Thom Departure Terminal – Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park. Suitable for those who go on their own, in all other cases you will be taken without any problems, the place is well-known.

Phu Quoc Cable Car Ticket

Depending on your plans, you should choose the right ticket. If you are traveling around the island on a scooter, you can just come and buy live on the spot.

Entrance to the ticket office and the funicular itself

Below are the prices that were at the time of my trip:

The cost of an adult round-trip ticket is 150.000, a child ticket is 100.000

True, the action was held and the prices were more affordable. On the island, it was said that at the opening, the trip cost 500.000 VND.

The ticket itself, you need to save for the return trip, valid for a day

It is also worth considering the departures and schedules of the funicular, see it in this photo:

There from 8:00 to 12:00, then a break. Return from 13:30 to 19:00. But the information may not be up to date.

For those who like organized trips, there are also several options. If you are good with English, then choose the option on Viator. There are combined tours with transfer included, convenient and informative, but not always cheap. The second option is to buy a ticket at your hotel, there will certainly be interesting offers.

Review - The longest cable car in the world. Is it worth going?

I have visited funiculars in different countries more than once. Huge plus of the cable car Vietnam – views, there is something to admire. Even if you are not interested in Sun World Park, it is worth a ride, you will be surprised at the amount of work that the Vietnamese have done.

There are things that are frustrating, this is not a service, it is excellent, did not please - garbage in the sea. From the cabin at a great height, you can clearly see how much plastic is nailed to the island.

It is cleaned and removed, but it will take years to completely solve the problem. Only such a trifle spoiled the impression a little, but it is definitely not worth it to refuse the trip.

Sun World amusement park and pineapple island

The final stop of the funicular is Pineapple Island, also known as Thom Island. Soon a huge water park will open here, but for now, a clean beach and many activities are available. There is also an entertainment program with music and dancing, several establishments with food.

Park ticket.

Cable car + excursion.

Cable car + park + safari park.

Hotels on the island.

I hope you figured out how to buy a ticket for the cable car on the island of Phu Quoc. Pleasant travel in vietnam!

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