Kamenets is a unique city in the Brest region, where an architectural monument of the late 13th century has been preserved - donjon tower. Kamenetskaya tower, which is sometimes mistakenly called "Belaya Vezha", is one of the oldest sights of Belarus. It can only compete Boris and Gleb Church in Grodno (late 12th century) and Sophia Cathedral (the foundation stones of the 11th century have been preserved).

What to see in the city of Kamenets

Tower in Kamenets refers to the Volyn type of towers (that is, defensive structures of the 13-14th century). There is considerable debate among historians about the exact date of construction, but the interval between 1276 and 1288 years.

Sights of Belarus - Kamenets

Kamenets donjon tower was built by a Volyn architect Oleksa (Alexa) on the left bank of the Lesnaya River. By the way, in the city center you can see a monument to this town planner.

Monument to the town planner Alex in Kamenets Belarus

The tower appeared with the main purpose - the defense of the northern border Galitsky principalities from external enemies. Over its long history, it has seen many raids, changes of rulers, but was able to survive. Marauders caused the greatest harm to it, who actively knocked out bricks and tried to dismantle the tower (this refers to the first half of the 19th century).

13th century tower in Kamenets

The tower also served as a fortress. On the lower tier, acting as a kind of ice, provisions were kept. The middle tiers were reserved for the soldiers, and the arsenal was on the top.

Kamenets tower - a unique architectural monument of the 13th century

The main attraction of Kamenets is made in the architecture of the Romanesque style with early Gothic elements. The height of this building from the base is 31 метр with a diameter of about 13,5 meters.

Drone photo from Kamenets

The main attraction of the Kamenets region

The appearance of the tower changed significantly at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1903, during excavations, the remains of earthen ramparts and wooden fortifications were finally lost. They surrounded the tower from three sides with a moat, the fourth side was closed by a floodplain of the river.

Kamenets old photo
Drawing by Napoleon Orda, approximately made in 1876, from the site Globus Belarus

During the reconstruction of that period, a stone ring shaft was laid out, which has survived to this day.

Kamenets tower

There is an interesting theory why the tower is sometimes called “white tower“. In 1950, a rather strange decision was made - to whitewash the brick walls. The result was, to put it mildly, ambiguous, but the locals quickly got used to it and often began to mention this building with the prefix “white”. How it looked, look at the photo below:

Old photo Tower in Kamenets
source: Globus of Belarus, photo taken in 1967

Vezha in Kamenets

Unlike many other architectural monuments on the territory of Belarus, the tower in Kamenets was relatively inspected during the Soviet period. In addition to the above works in the early and middle of the 20th century, there were 2 more reconstructions: in the 70s and 90s.

Kamenets tower - a unique architectural monument of the 13th century

Today, within the walls of the ancient monument, there is an interesting Museum "Kamenetskaya Tower". This is a branch of the Brest Museum of Local Lore (which until 1991 was in Church on Lenin Square). You can visit the museum with 9: 30 to 17: 45, entrance fee, ticket office next to the tower (keep in mind that monday day off, phone number (375-1631) 2-25-64). To go to the observation deck you need to pay a little extra, the prices are more than affordable.

Kamenets tower - a unique architectural monument of the 13th century

In addition to the tower, in Kamenets you can see the ordinary buildings of the central street of Pogranichnaya and Church of St. Simeon on Gogol.

City Kamenetz Belarus

You will find the tower itself without any problems, one gets the feeling that all the streets of the city lead directly to it. Below is the mark on the map:

Not far from Kamenets, you can go to church in Pelische, if you move towards Zhabinka.

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