Village Stone located a few kilometers from the urban village Ivenets, Volozhinsky district. Of the attractions here can be distinguished rebuilt Church of Saints Peter and Paul, as well as a monument of nature - boulder "Devil's stone".

Devil's stone, Volozhinsky district

Outwardly, this unremarkable stone is quite ordinary, but there is a long history behind it: the boulder belongs to the period of the Bronze Age (several thousand years ago).

Village Kamen, Volozhinsky district, Belarus

its mystical name "Damn stone" this boulder got from a pretty typical village legend.

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, there was a house in this place, in which not a very good person lived. He did not comply with the laws, not human, not God's, but everything he needed - he always took by force. But one day he paid for his way of life - he was cursed and, together with his house, turned into a stone, which is destined to lie like that from century to century..

A boulder of the Bronze Age in the Volozhin region

The boulder overlooks Peter and Paul Churchbuilt in 1991.

Church of Saints Peter and Paul in the village of Kamen

In the same place, other Catholic churches used to stand, starting from the middle of the 15th century. From the predecessor, which burned down in 1944, a stone fence and photographs have been preserved, giving an idea of ​​​​what the old church looked like.

Ancient wooden church in the village of Kamen
about 1900 year
Brama bell tower in the village Kamen
source: encyclopedia-davednik / A. M. Kulagin

Judging by these photographs, the wooden predecessor had features of the Baroque architectural style with a mixture of folk architecture.

Village Kamen, Volozhinsky district

Peter and Paul Church in the village of Kamen

Below is the point on the map where the boulder is located, from it to the church is a 3-minute drive:

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