Calvary - is the oldest cemetery in Minsk, on the territory of which there are about 30 thousand burials, several tombs, bosomand brama. Since 1990, this entire complex has been included in the list of architectural monuments. capital Cities, and since the beginning of the 2000s, the cemetery has been given the status of a historical and cultural value of the 1st category.

Holy Cross Church

neogothic temple in the center of the Kalvary cemetery began to be built in 1839 year, in place of the wooden predecessor, dismantled in the 30s. The new stone church was completed by 1841 year, - single-nave, the main entrance is decorated with a narrow lancet portal. Visually, the church tower is divided by a cornice into two unequal parts.

Holy Cross Church in Minsk

The Kalvary church has a rather modest size, but it stands out for its rich interior painting. artist Jan Damel. The author bequeathed to bury him in the crypt of the temple, which was done in 1840. There was no bust or monument over his burial, instead they hung a painting "Savior's Prayer”, is one of the best works of Damel.

Church at the Kalvary Cemetery

On the reverse side of the temple, a metal structure was added, leading to an administrative building under the roof itself. On it you can climb and inspect the entire cemetery from a height.

Kalvary cemetery in Minsk

What to see in Minsk - Kalvary cemetery


Calvary Gate even a little older than the church, dated 1830 year. They were probably built at the expense of the Minsk collector Yuri Kobylinsky, in memory of his wife. The building is rectangular, three-arched, made in classical forms of architecture.

Brama at the Kalvary cemetery in Minsk

On the upper tier, the gates are remarkable 2 bas-reliefs, which are somewhat similar to each other.

Brama Kalvary cemetery

Stucco molding on the gate in Minsk

Chapels, chapels and old burials

On the territory of the Kalvary cemetery there are burials of various periods. Here rest the soldiers of the Napoleonic army, the Austrian soldiers who were captured during the First World War, Polish and Soviet. There are many graves of famous people: poets, artists and cultural figures. In addition, chapels, crypts and chapels have been preserved in the cemetery. In the first half of the 19th century, there were 36 such structures, today there are 10, literally in 2016 one of the crypts collapsed.

Tomb at the Kalvary cemetery in Minsk

Unfortunately, most of the chapels are not signed, and some are even used for household needs. However, initially they were all built for representatives of the noble families of Minsk and Belarus. For example, below in the photo is the tomb Vitkevich.

Chapel tomb of the Vitkeviches in Minsk

There is a tomb on which a commemorative plaque has been preserved, so you can establish an accessory. Buried here Bishop Pavel Rava in 1855 year.

Chapel tomb of Rava

One of the collapsing crypts in the old Minsk cemetery.

Shrine of Calvary

Chapel tomb at the Kalvary Cemetery

The only surviving crypt built of red brick in the tradition of neo-Gothic architecture.

Crypt Kalvary Cemetery

Calvaria has its own legend and ghost. So, according to rumors, at the end of the 19th century, a young noble Minsker died, whose body was immured in one of the crypts. True, it later became known that a terrible mistake had occurred - the girl did not die, but arrived in a liturgical dream. Unable to get out of prison, the unfortunate woman died in agony, and her ghost began to appear in late autumn and wander around the cemetery.

Ancient cemetery in Minsk

Ancient cemetery in Minsk

Cemetery in the 20th century and now

The Exaltation of the Cross Church was closed before the outbreak of World War II, and after it ended, the territory of the cemetery was significantly expanded. For new graves, Kalvariu (translated “Calvary“) was closed in 1967, but new graves still appear even today. Since 1980, the church was returned to believers; it was one of the first churches in the capital opened after an anti-religious policy. Despite the status of a monument, in the 90s the graves were often vandalized: they sawed crosses for metal and dug up ancient burials in search of treasures.

Kalvary cemetery in Minsk

The ancient cemetery is located on the street of the same name at Kalvariyskaya 45. The nearest metro stations are Pushkinskaya and Molodyozhnaya.

Minsk also has Church of Saints Simeon and Helena, known as "Red". In the center on Nemiga you can visit Peter and Paul Cathedral and walk along Rakovskaya street.

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