What sea borders Vietnam?

Vietnam is a beautiful and hospitable state located in Southeast Asia. Those who are going to visit it should look at the information about the sea in advance. And so, what is it the sea washes vietnam? Of course, South China.

It is located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and its maximum depth is 5560 meters. As for the temperature of the South China Sea, even in winter it does not fall below +20 °C.

Average temperature in summer months - 28-29 °C.

Salinity of the sea is 32-34%.

Tourists who were lucky enough to see the South China Sea note that it is very beautiful, warm and affectionate. Near the shore, its color is close to blue-green, and at depth it is a rich emerald.

The underwater world of the South China Sea is rich and rich. At tourist resorts, a person is able to see only a small part of the marine life. While in the water, you can encounter crabs, crayfish, shrimps, jellyfish and other shellfish. Read our article about starfish beach on Phu Quoc island.

The underwater world is also quite diverse: commercial, large, more than 1000 representatives of small fish. To see all this beauty, a tourist must definitely take a mask and a snorkel for snorkeling.

When to rest in Vietnam?

If you know what kind of sea is in Vietnam, that's good. However, one more question remains: which part of it and at what time of the year should you go. So, those who are planning their holidays in the winter should go to the south coast. In November, it stops raining, and the water temperature does not drop below +26 °C. The velvet season falls on the last months of winter - the end of January and February. At this time, tourists are waiting for the warm sea and a variety of exotic fruits. A selection of hot tours below:

The northern and central part of the country is best visited in summer. In winter, the sea in these regions is quite cold, about +20 °C. If you are planning to visit Hanoithen be sure to go tour to halong bay. In our calendar winter there are much fewer tourists.



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