Belarus in the last few years, it has been actively taking its place on the tourist map. This material has collected cities of Belaruswhich are definitely worth a visit. From them it will be easiest to start acquaintance with the culture of our country.


Minsk. No wonder, it is worth starting from the capital of the Republic of Belarus. A city where Soviet architecture has been preserved, but European service is available.

Polotsk. The oldest city on the territory of modern Belarus. Located in the Vitebsk region, in the northern part. One of the main attractions is Sophia Cathedral.

The city offers interesting excursions, but it will not be difficult to explore it on your own.

Grodno. Grodno is said to be the most European city in the country. The abundance of architectural monuments and worthy sights.

See our guide to Grodno here here.

Nesvizh and Mir. Two centers of Belarusian tourism, which are often visited in one trip. Located in Nesvizh Palace of the Radziwills, and in the world - Mir castle, main attractions.

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It is best to visit these places by car or by sightseeing tour.

Brest. In the southwestern part of Belarus there is another ancient city of Belarus - Brest. Particularly known for the legendary Brest fortress, as well as the Belovezhskaya Pushcha nature reserve.

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The main sights can be seen during the tour, or you can go on your own.

Vitebsk. The northern capital, famous for its temples and the Slavic Bazaar. The city is most popular among tourists in the summer, during the festival.

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Our guide to attractions, read here here.

Gomel. The second largest city in Belarus, located on the Sozh River. One day guide can be viewed here.

One of the main attractions is Palace of the Rumyantsevs and Paskevichs.

Mogilev. A compact and well-groomed city on the Dnieper. City for walks and leisurely sightseeing tours.

Площадь Славы в Могилеве

Of the cities worth visiting in Belarus, it takes its place of honor on the list. An abundance of attractions, establishments and cultural sites.

I hope our list will be useful to you, if you are already an advanced traveler in Belarus, then look at the others Attraction.

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