It always seemed to me that divination and predictions of fate - this is something shrouded in mysticism, a mystery with seven seals. But everything turns out to be much more prosaic. When you google "fortune telling in Minsk”, then from the proposals the head is spinning. Here you have sites of clairvoyants and magicians, mysticism forums, reviews of fortunetellers. In a word, any love spells-lapels according to the price list.

Of course, the number of hereditary fortune-tellers who received their gift from a grandmother or pro-grandmother rolls over and is very alarming. Maybe it's not so difficult to become a psychic and prophesy the future to gullible people? And then I thought, will I pass for a fortune teller and what is needed for this.

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This article is not a guide to action, but is purely entertaining.

Express learning divination

To begin with, I decided to look for the necessary literature for training. It turns out that Minsk has a huge selection of books on esotericism. I immediately fell in love with the book "Fortune telling on coffee and tea" by Jan Dikmar, who promises to discover unknown talents in herself and learn to recognize the past, present and future.

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And since I love coffee, this divination method is just perfect for me. The next book I would like to buy “Psychology and Tarot. Theory, practice, practicality» author Nevsky D.V.

Well, of course! If there is no innate gift of clairvoyance, then psychology comes to the rescue. Agree, you need to be a subtle psychologist in order to read people's reactions to words, inspire confidence, and also convince a person that he is cursed. And then the matter is small: to know the interpretation of the cards (there are a lot of such books), to learn a couple of conspiracies and rituals from "The Big Book of Conspiracies" by Natalia Stepanova.

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The most fun book "How to learn to guess and make money on Tarot" author Tatyana Tango. The title is right on point! Guessing to row money with a shovel, and not to help people.

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And if self-education is not for you, then you can go extrasensory perception and magic courses. After that, you will be issued a certificate or diploma. And you don't have to go to Hogwarts for that. Imagine there is even Belarusian Association of Psychics, on the website of which there is a list of courses and lectures.

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Image, props, entourage.

And when the baggage of knowledge is received, then you can get to work. But first, I would come up with a sonorous pseudonym, for example, clairvoyant Vladlena or sorceress Aglaya. So that no one has any doubt that before them is a real sorcerer.

I’m not sure that I would radically change my image: dye my hair black, put colored lenses in my eyes, do extreme makeup. Indeed, many fortune-tellers and psychics look like ordinary people, although there are also enough freaks.

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Where can I get props for work?

Here, too, everything is tritely simple. We open the Internet, go to the famous Chinese site and choose whatever your heart desires. Here are tarot cards, candles, runes and even a magic ball.

But a clairvoyant sitting by candlelight in front of a crystal ball looks much more spectacular. Yes, and spending on props can be quickly beaten off, given the cost of fortune-telling services. And how do you like a phone case with a magic pentagram? Indeed, in the modern world it is impossible without the Internet and mobile communications, and the gadget of a real witch should look appropriate.

But most of all I was struck by the spiritistic kit for summoning spirits.

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Spirits know the answers to all questions, they can clarify any situation. Therefore, it is simply an indispensable tool for soothsayers and spiritualists. The only use I've come up with for this board is to lock people into a small room and have a séance using special effects and animators. I think it would be such a popular entertainment that quests in Minsk would rest. I would also buy a pendulum to complete the image and a wax seal to seal magical correspondence.

And now, with a complete set, you can start looking for clients: make a website, launch advertising, promotion in social networks. Everything is like in normal business. That's magic without magic. In no way am I denying the existence of people with superpowers. But they do not shout about themselves at every corner and do not set cosmic prices for their help. Just before you carry your money to a fortuneteller, think carefully. In the meantime, my free prophecy for everyone: you decide your own destiny, and everything will turn out charmingly for you.


  1. I formed more than once and worked with Alexandra 068 12 598 03 thanks for the advice, support and viewing-diagnostics, thanks for the communication and arrangement of the situation. All the best to you and enlightenment in your work.

  2. >Guessing to row money with a shovel, not to help people.
    Oh, I see the author is one of those people who believe that an artist should paint portraits of leftist people for thanks, because “well, this is your talent, you can’t take money for it.”
    And she will also pester a psychologist who takes paid consultations. He doesn’t help people for free?


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