If the theater begins with a hanger, then leave or journey originates from suitcases. Often there are difficulties with its collection. Things and necessary items do not fit, but you really want to not need anything on a trip. In this article, we will understand how to pack a suitcase for a tripto fit everything you need.

How to pack a suitcase

Of course, for many, vacation items are limited to a pair of underwear, socks, shorts, and a few T-shirts. However, what if you do not belong to such people and it is very important for you to have things in your bag for all occasions?

7 tips for packing your suitcase for your trip

1... If you want to clothes wrinkled less and took up little space in a suitcase, we advise you to twist it into tight rolls, and not stack it. In doing so, use the principlepyramids": along the walls of the suitcase it is best to place shoes, then place the longest items of luggage along the entire length so that their edges hang down on the sides. All the rest of the clothes, twisted into rolls, are placed on this layer. The top of the pyramid will be a cosmetic bag, documents, fragile small things. All this is covered by the hanging edges of the first layer.

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2... Use vacuum bags for clothes They are great at reducing volume.

Travel Vacuum Bags

On aliexpress, these cost about $ 3,5 - look here.

3. It is better to pour your favorite and necessary cosmetics into small containers or buy their mini versions. So you save not only space, but also reduce the weight of your luggage.

how to pack a suitcase for a trip

4. All the little things - jewelry, hairpins, rubber bands, tights, socks, etc. can be placed in shoes, in small pockets of a suitcase, clothes, or use a pill box.

5. Let's not forget about medicines. We take with us one or two blisters of the necessary tablets. They can be packed in a cosmetic bag or shoes, pre-wrapped in cellophane or a vacuum bag.

6. We say "no" to unnecessary things. Flip flops, beach shorts, caps, hats, children's toys and other things can always be bought on the spot.

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We leave the case for the camera at home, and wrap the technique itself in soft clothes. The same hair dryer or iron can be borrowed from Hoteland not carry it with you.

7. Think several times whether you really need all the selected clothes. Take into account changes in the weather.

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I hope these tips on how to properly pack your suitcase for your trip will come in handy. Now it’s worth moving on to the basic points - what to take and what not to take with you?

What to take on a trip

There is no optimal set of things necessary for travel. The luggage of a woman and a man is very different. Consider the duration of the trip, weather conditions, country securitywhere you are going, prices and much more. Luggage varies significantly depending on the type of travel - it is impossible to take the same things on a business trip, on a beach holiday and on a ski resort. Therefore, we will tell you the most necessary things that you need to take in universal journey.


Never forget your wallet. An international card and some cash will come in handy. Change the currency in advance, in your country, so as not to lose much on the course. You may be interested - what can you buy for 1 dollar?

Phone and charger

The phone is needed not only as a means of communication and access to the Internet. If you have a smartphone, then you have already taken with you: a flashlight, a phrase book, books, a calculator, a watch, map. In some cases, a phone will replace a laptop. Before you travel, download apps or bookmark them websites for travelerswhich can make your stay abroad easier.

SIM card

If you are traveling on a business trip and are not sure if the hotel internet is good enough to communicate via Skype or Viber, buy an international card in advance, for example trimsim and activate it as soon as you arrive at the place.

Driver's license

If you are planning a busy route, you should look at taxi rates and the cost of public transport. Probably, rent a car will be more profitable. Then you need to grab your driver's license.

Medical insurance

The insurance policy does not take up much space, but there are more than enough benefits from it. Very comfortable electronic insurance You won't lose and you won't forget. And you can apply for it at any time, even through your smartphone.


Let's talk about pills again. No, this does not mean that you need to carry the entire first aid kit with you. If you are allergic, be sure to throw antihistamines in your luggage. Grab pills that will help with exacerbation of chronic diseases. Painkillers and a band-aid will also come in handy.

Ear plugs

If you have a light sleep, but you have to long flight or a night move, bring earplugs. So the crying of children and the conversations of girlfriends in the back seat will not disturb you.


For contact lens wearers, remember to be hygienic and pack lens solution in your suitcase. No need to carry a huge bottle of liquid. Pour some into a small container - enough for a couple of days. Or simply replace the lenses with glasses if you have them.

Personal Care Products

A toothbrush and deodorant might be enough for a short trip.


But napkins can be useful not only as a means of hygiene. They'll fix a sauce stain on a shirt and replace shoe sponges. Wet wipes for the face can replace lotion or cosmetic milk for removing makeup for girls.

Tips on how to properly pack your suitcase for a trip and what to take

What not to take on a trip


Do not take even the smallest iron. We have already told you how to properly fold clothes so as not to wrinkle them. And if that doesn't work, hang a wrinkled shirt in the bathroom where you just took a hot shower. The effect of a steam iron will work and the wrinkles will become less noticeable.


This, of course, is a necessary and useful thing. But it takes up a lot of space in a suitcase. It is better to refuse it and take a few disposable cheap raincoats.

Hair dryer, curling iron and hair straightener

Item for girls. No matter how much you want to be spectacular on vacation, it is better not to take these things on the road. Electrical appliances take up a lot of space and can be completely dispensed with using tricky hairstyles. While you're on vacation, let your hair rest too, then thank yourself.


read paper book nice and no one argues with that. But if we are talking about a luggage limit, feel free to exclude this thing from the list. Instead, download its electronic version to your phone - you will pass the time on the road, and you won’t have to carry extra pounds in your suitcase.

Expensive jewelry

Rolex watches, gold chains and diamond rings are not worth taking on vacation. Thieves are not asleep, and you relax on vacation.

How to choose a suitcase for hand luggage on an airplane size, weight

And a few more tips that can be useful to everyone who goes on vacation:

  • Scan and photograph your passport, driver's license and other important documents. This can help if you suddenly lose them.
  • Save screenshots of maps of desired places. It will come in handy when you can't use the internet. (remember to use useful websites for travelers).
  • Plane tickets, hotel reservation confirmation - also worth saving on your phone. It is convenient and saves a lot of time and nerves.
  • Label your luggage with your name and phone number. If you lose your suitcase, they will find you faster.
  • Always keep chargers for phones, tablets and other equipment in your hand luggage and do not check it in your luggage.
  • Make out travel insurance - is never redundant.

We wish you interesting and eventful travels! Read also 12 Ways to Survive While Traveling in a Country You Don't Know the Language.


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