In falcons, the chicks have flown out of their nests and are beginning adulthood. To a public organization (APB) Citizens who have found falcons on the ground or on the balcony call daily. Conservation representatives explained what kind of help such chicks need.

What to do if you see a kestrel chick on the ground?
photo of Chytacha APB from Brest

More often "red book“Kestrel falcons settle in cities. They do not build nests themselves, but settle in niches on the upper floors of skyscrapers, sometimes they occupy the nests of other birds.

Sometimes falcons fall out of nests during play or are pushed out by older siblings. On the ground, they can become the prey of cats and dogs, get under the wheels of cars.

What to do if you see a kestrel chick on the ground?

If the chick is already fully feathered, then it should be able to fly, but it is more difficult for it to take off from the ground than from a height. Grab the bird carefully with both hands, holding the wings down, and place it on a porch awning, the flat roof of a garage, or any nearby building.

What to do if you see a kestrel chick on the ground?
photo: APB, author – Anton Ivanov

- Adult birds can see their chicks perfectly from above, they will find them and feed them for the coming weeks until the young falcons learn to hunt and live on their own, says the site editor “Birds of the day” ( Dmitry Vinchevsky. - And so that parents do not forget about their duties, young birds watch the sky and call attention to themselves by screaming, so planting a bird in a safe open place is the best option for everyone..

If the chick is still in down, then if possible, it should be returned to the nest as soon as possible. Ask the people on the top floor or the public services how to get to the niches on the upper floors of the building, where the chick most likely fell from.

- Be sure to find out how long the chick is starving, - advises Alexander Minich, a member of the Council of the Brest regional branch of the APB. - To do this, feel the keel - a bone on the chest. If the chick behaves “calmly” when you pick it up, and its keel protrudes strongly, then it is exhausted and has been sitting on the ground for a long time. You can feed him raw chicken, but not food from the human table..

see a kestrel chick on the ground
photo: Akhova bird Batskaushchyny, author - Aliaksandr Minich

An injured bird needs professional help. The kestrel is included in the Red Book of Belarus, and it is forbidden to remove it from the wild (even to help) without permission.

According to the law, you first need to contact the district or city inspection, the Minsk Committee of the Ministry of Natural Resources. The specialist will tell you what to do next.

The falcon must not be put in a cage, as it will break off the feathers on the bars. It must be temporarily placed in a box, which, for the duration of the overexposure, should be placed in a quiet shaded place.

To help a wounded bird, veterinarians who deal with birds in Minskor Help Center for wild animals "Sirin" near Minsk: +375 (29) 191-38-78. Injured and emaciated kestrels are also accepted at the Mogilev Zoo (+375 (222) 78-09-94 -) and the Grodno Zoo (+375 (152) 622912). For advice on assistance in other regions, visit Telegram-chat “Tsіў-tsіў”.

On July 6, thanks to an agreement between the veterinary department of the Grodno Zoo, the Grodno City and District Inspectorate of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Grodno Regional Hotel of the APB, six young kestrels, which people brought to the zoo in an exhausted state, were returned to freedom after rehabilitation, before that they were ringed. Thanks to the rings, we can learn more about their future fate.

Please note that July 7th Belarus out falcon postage stamps.


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