Italy is a country where the railway communication is remarkably developed, with the help of high-speed trains you can easily move between major cities without stress and with proper comfort. In this article I will tell How to get from Rome to Florence (works back in a similar way): how much it costs and how to buy tickets, where the train leaves and where it arrives. I will also show you how the speed looks like Italo trainwhich provides transport services.

Rome to Florence by train

The main railway artery of Rome is the railway station and the metro station of the same name Terms. From here begins the path of almost any Roman tourist: buses and trains arrive here from the airport, trains depart from here to all major cities in Italy, including Florence.

Roma Termini train station

A train ticket can be easily bought without extra charges online, through various websites. However, it is also easy to do this at the station; special machines are installed for this (English is available). Payment is possible both in cash and by card.

Where to buy tickets for high-speed trains in Italy?

Choose the direction you are interested in (the main thing is not to forget that in Italian cities there are suburban stations, so look at the name of the central stations in advance). In my case from Rome to Florence enter the names of the central city stations: Rome Termini - Florence Santa Maria Novella (Florence).

How to get from Rome to Florence?

Chief lives: train tickets in Italy are much cheaper if you buy them in advance, at least a week in advance. So the same ticket will cost with a difference of 20 euros. For comparison:

Rome - Florence for a conditional tomorrow - 45 euro.

Rome - Florence on the same train in a week - 25 euro.

You can save a little more by buying a ticket for regional lines with company transfers Trenitalia. The only thing is that you will have to spend a few hours longer on the road, approximately:

The road Rome - Florence on the Italo train will take - 1 hour 37 minutes.

Rome - Florence by trains with stops, approximately lasts 3 hours 40 minutes.

Train ticket from Rome to Florence

Roma Termini station

What is on the Italo trains?

Comfortable seats with chargers and places for luggage. Free Wi-Fi, which sometimes works a little better, sometimes a little worse. Each car has vending machines with coffee, snacks and various sweets, a toilet.

What does the Italo train look like inside?

How are the trains in Italy?

To summarize, then Italo trains is a convenient and fast way to get around Italy, and one of the main advantages is that you leave and arrive in the city center. An alternative to the train is the bus, but it's still a few hours longer on the road.

How to get from Rome to Florence by train?

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Olga Yarmosh
Olga Yarmosh
1 year ago

I also traveled on this train. And due to inexperience, I didn’t buy a ticket right away, and when I came to buy a day before departure, I ran into an unpleasant situation, since the ticket price was no longer 25 €, but 52 €. So be sure to buy in advance! On the train I took coffee from the machine, but it was in a small cup and very strong (price 2 €), so it's better to take it at the station. There are usually McDonald's or local coffee shops near all central stations. But I really liked the train itself. Especially the view from the window

Last edited 1 year ago by Olga Yarmosh