At the entrance to Ivenets village by Rakova is neogothic church name Saint Alexis (Aleksey). The temple was built at the beginning of the 20th century, from 1905 to 1907.

Ivenets Church of St. Alexis

Interesting fact: the building permit was obtained before the publication of the "tolerance manifesto", thanks to the efforts of General Edward Kaversky.

Neo-Gothic "Red" Church of St. Alexis in the village of Ivenets

Ivenets church

The church is located in the local cemetery. By the way, a small wooden chapel of the late 19th century.

Chapel in the village of Ivenets

Chapel in the village of Ivenets

Wooden chapel in the village of Ivenets

К Red Church (namely, that's what the locals call it) is led by a three-arch gate.

Church in the village of Ivenets

Neo-Gothic gate in the village of Ivenets

During the Second World War, the clergy left the church. In 1947, by decision of the Soviet authorities, the temple was closed.

Neo-Gothic church Ivenets

The village of Ivenets photo from a drone

In the early 60s of the 20th century, within the walls of the temple, branch of the Minsk State Lenin Library.

Red Church Ivenets

Since 1990, Ivenets church again returned to the Catholics, it functions to this day. There is another temple nearby. Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

Not far from the village of Ivenets there is an interesting place pralniki, there you can see the tomb of the Ratynskys. Look for more sights of Belarus on the map.


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