Chapel in the village of Ivashkivtsi built on the edge 19-20 centuries. Some sources mention the date of construction - 1908 year. It is known that at that time there was no Church of Our Lady of the Rozhentsova in Soly, and the tomb served as a parish church.

Neo-Gothic chapel-tomb of the Kachans in the village of Ivashkivtsi

In 1917, a wooden part was added to the chapel. Thus, the church was organized, which operated until about 1935 years.

Ivashkivtsi church, old photo
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Chapel tomb in Smorgon district

The tomb resembles a small castle with its style of architecture and looks very colorful.

tomb of Ivashkivtsi

Ivashkovtsy chapel

There is no verified information to whom this tomb belonged. The only surname that appears in most sources is Kachany (I will stick to this version). However, this is logically unlikely. Since 1876, the estate and estate in Soly belonged to a retired major general - Ivanov Avksenty Stepanovich. As you can see, the story is quite confusing.

Chapel of Ivashkovtsy photo

Near chapels-tombs of Kachany there are graves of German soldiers who died in the First World War. A small stone monument-crypt of 1918.

German cemetery Ivashkivtsi

A large cemetery has grown around the chapel, where Catholic and Orthodox graves coexist.

Cemetery Ivashkovtsy, Smorgon district

Today, the chapel is open only for Catholic grandfathers, the rest of the time the doors are locked. The building was built in neogothic architectural style and well preserved to this day.

Ivashkovtsy chapel

chapel tomb of ivashkovtsy

From Minsk, the road here will take about 1 hour 40 minutes in the direction of the city Oshmyany. Along the way, you can visit Kreva castle и monastery in Boruny. On the way back, we advise you to go through Smorgon и Molodechno.

Ivashkovtsy is not the most visited place, although the village is located near Soly. Therefore, if you go to these parts, be sure to see this tomb. More sights of Belarus on the map.



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