Minsk has many cultural values ​​and places of interest, but the famous Loshitsky park. If you are looking for a place to take a walk and relax, then this is definitely the place for you. Find out what to see in the park and what its history is from this article.

History of Loshitsa Park in Minsk

What is so remarkable history of Loshitsky park?

Loshitsky park

For example, with its stunningly beautiful nature, various monuments and legends associated with them. This is a wonderful choice for those who want to have a beautiful photo shoot or just see ancient trees with their own eyes, walking along quiet alleys and enjoying the clean air.

History of Loshitsky Park

Most vacationers are interested in the question of how the park got its interesting name? Loshitsa or bad, as Minsk residents affectionately call these places, gave rise to a lot of controversy in its time. Some historians are sure that the name of the attraction was given by a wandering prince.

One day he will stop here to rest - on the prince's bed. Others talk about the wounded Vseslav the Enchanter. During the battles, he was severely wounded, but his horse saved him - rushing to the springs with healing water, which are located in the park.

loshitsa park photo

loshitsa manor

According to the documents loshitskaya homestead belonged to Vasily Tolochinsky. He was a descendant of princes Drutsky and lived in these places in the middle of the 16th century. In general, throughout history,Loshi" nthere are 12-14 of its illustrious owners - counts and princes.

Loshitsa estate of Vasily Tolochinsky

Please note that on the alleys that lead to the estate Loshitsky park, numerous centuries-old count lindens still grow.

loshitsa manor plate

However, the most remarkable tree and at the same time the cultural value of the park is Engagement Oak. This is a majestic tree, which is located on the banks of the river.

According to legend, Prince Drutsky-Gorsky had three beautiful daughters. Each of them received a tree as a gift from him, which symbolized strong family ties and love. Today, only one of those three oaks, called the Engagement Oak, grows here.

In the 20th century, young girls who had not yet married came to this tree to bow and pray for a family. They say that their wish came true without fail. Unfortunately, in 2010 the giant was struck by lightning. However, the number of people who are confident in his magical power did not decrease from this.

distillery loshitsa
ruins of the distillery at the entrance to the Loshitsky park
ruins of loshitsa park
ruins of outbuildings

If you decide to visit Loshitsky Park, then you will also be interested in the story of Evstafiy Ivanovich Lyubansky, who began to own the estate in Losha in 1884.

Why are we so sure of this?

Because an entertaining legend is also associated with him and his family. At the age of 37, the landowner fell in love with a 27-year-old beauty named Yadviga Kenevich. However, she refused him love, saying that she would agree to marriage only after the Lyubansky estate was the best in the entire district, and a green park with flowers and trees began to bloom near the estate.

As a result, a not very conspicuous mansion received a luxurious extension and numerous rooms in different styles. As for the park, the lover planted numerous species of plants and designed the site according to the French model. Until now, in the park you can see a lot of exotic trees that do not grow anywhere else in Belarus. An example is American birch, European fir, Crimean pine, etc.

history of loshitsa park

As an amazing gift for the girl, Eustache chose magnolia kobus, originally from the land of the Rising Sun. It begins to bloom in late April. And many believe that the most beautiful inflorescences appear on Jadwiga's birthday. This magnolia is also interesting in that it does not immediately have three trunks growing from one hole.

loshitsa park photo

Family life of the couple Lyubansky also became the reason for the legend. Poetry evenings were held in the couple's estate, balls were given here and performances were staged. However, it suddenly became known that the beautiful wife drowned. And here, again, the opinions of historians differ. Somebody think Lubanskaya a traitor who was caught by her husband in the arms of another man, and, unable to bear the shame, simply drowned herself.

Others say that they were going to transfer her to another city from her beloved, and unable to bear the separation, the girl committed suicide. And there are those who claim that the death of Jadwiga was an accident and her boat capsized during one of the walks along the river. Be that as it may, the Manchurian apricots planted by the pan can still be seen in the park. Myself Luban briefly outlived his wife, and, leaving for the Caucasus, died there two years later.

ruins of a windmill in Loshitsa park
ruins of a mill in Loshitsky park

chapel in the pit

Many years have passed since Jadwiga's death. However, eyewitnesses say that at the time when apricots are in bloom, a girl dressed in white clothes is walking in the park. She wanders the alleys, but never causes any harm to vacationers.

Perhaps her soul cannot find peace because in 1935 the remains of the dungeon of the Roman Catholic chapel, in which it was customary to bury the bodies of the owners Loches, was blown up.

ruins of a chapel in Loshitsa park
ruins of the Chapel in Loshitsa park

chapel in Loshitsa park

The lead coffin in which Jadwiga's body rested was melted down for batteries along with the iron elements of the building. What happened to the remains of the owners of the park is a mystery.

gatekeeper's house Loshitsky park

treacherous house

The current owner of the park isMinskzelenstroy". Thanks to his efforts, a museum was opened here, the gatekeeper's house was rebuilt, and a children's town was erected.

Loshitsky park history
general form. Wing on the right, Manor on the left


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