The best historical series for connoisseurs

Some people love science fiction, others do not like souls in military films, others cannot live a day without multi-part melodramas, and the fourth always has in their open tabs historical series. It is the latter that will be discussed in our review. What kind historical series Worth a look without regretting the time spent. Watch, remember and recommend to friends!

historical series

The Last Kingdom

Year: 2015 - ...

Number of seasons: 3

Country: United Kingdom

Time of one series: 60 min.

Number of episodes per season: 10.

If you have already watched the series Vikings and the topic is close to you, then the Last Kingdom will be to your taste. Here, events will unfold during the reign of King Alfred, who was able to repulse the Danish Vikings. We have to observe the life of Uhtred - a descendant of the Saxon feudal lord, but brought up by the Danes. There will be many battles, mental hardships and difficult decisions.

Medici: Lords of Florence

Year: 2015 – 2016

Number of seasons: 1

Country: Italy, UK, France

Time of one series: 60 min.

Number of episodes per season: 8.

This beautiful historical series was partly filmed in Florence, where the plot develops. In the center of the story is the Medici family, simple merchants who managed to rise to the very top of the nobility. Sometimes for this they had to neglect the laws, morality, and sometimes even honor.

The series has an excellent cast, wonderful cinematography and a well-thought-out script based on real events. There will be almost no battles and battles in the frame, here the emphasis is on the strong characters of the characters and relationships. For lovers of intrigue, intricacies and conspiracies, this is a must-see.

Magnificent Medici

Year: 2018 - ...

Number of seasons: ...

Country: Italy, UK, France

Time of one series: 60 min.

Number of episodes per season: 8.

Before us is a continuation of the last series from the collection. Why did we take it out as a separate work? It's simple, there are other actors and a different character, and the name was changed. The concept and place of action remained - Florence. Also in this part, a new villain, played by Sean Bean, appears.

The Borgias

Year: 2011 – 2013

Number of seasons: 3

Country: Hungary, Ireland, Canada.

Time of one series: 55 min.

Number of episodes per season: 10.

At the end of the 1492th century, unlimited power was concentrated in the hands of the Pope: he could crown and overthrow kings, change the fate of empires. The once good name of the church is now associated only with corruption and immorality. In XNUMX, after the death of Pope Innocent VIII, the throne of St. Peter was taken by Alexander VI (in the world of Rodrigo Borgia), who entered the name of the Borgia clan into history by no means good deeds.

Marco Polo

Year: 2014 – 2016

Number of seasons: 2

Country: USA

Time of one series: 60 min

Number of episodes per season: 10.

This series tells about the famous navigator Marco Polo, his journey and exploration of Ancient China. The protagonist is constantly faced with difficulties, which are largely due to completely different people, traditions, culture. There are many sword fights, conspiracies and intrigues in the series.

Kingdom (Reign)

Year: 2013 – 2017

Number of seasons: 3

Country: USA

Time of one series: 43 min.

Number of episodes per season: 16-22

One of the most controversial series in our selection. The series is historical, at least the action takes place here in the 16th century. The main character is the Queen of Scots, who has been kept in a monastery since childhood, and now is sent into the big world of gossip, intrigue and deceit. The Kingdom is said to be especially appealing to teenagers and young adults.

Da Vinci's Demons

Year: 2013 – 2015

Number of seasons: 3

Country: USA

Time of one series: 59 min.

Number of episodes per season: 10

A person living in a world of controlled thoughts and faith is fighting to make knowledge available to everyone. The life story of Leonardo Da Vinci, which is tragic, paints us a portrait of a brilliant young man. In addition, he is a heretic who wants to show the world the lies of religion, and a rebel who seeks to destroy the elite society. Being illegitimate, he requires his father to recognize his rights.

Leonardo tries to resist the dark forces (both inside and outside) alone, armed only with his own genius. He sets off on a quest for knowledge, when, as a result of crossing a certain line of sanity, he finds himself on the verge of death.

Da Vinci embodies his brilliant ideas, pulling out of the darkness and turning to the light an entire era. The actions of a young man make you think about life in our society and call for a fight for a bright future, which should be free.

Vikings (Vikings)

Year: 2013 - ...

Number of seasons: 5

Country: Ireland, Canada

Time of one series: 45 min

Number of episodes per season: 9-20

Norwegian legend says that Ragnar Lothbrok is a legendary warrior from the Yngling family. He rose to become king of the Viking tribes. According to legend, he was a descendant of the war god Odin. He repeatedly robbed and burned Paris with detachments, raided England and laid the foundation for the Danish invasion. His children Bjorn Ironside and Ivar the Boneless continued his work. The series includes features of such genres as historical, action, drama, melodrama…

Downton Abbey

Year: 2010 – 2015

Number of seasons: 6

Country: United Kingdom

Time of one series: 54 min

Number of episodes per season: 7-9

An extremely rated series that we could not ignore is Downton Abbey. Events will unfold at the beginning of the 20th century, where after the death of the heir to the title of count, a struggle for power and money begins. There will be melodrama, drama and suffering of the characters.

The Hollow Crown

Year: 2012 - ...

Number of seasons: 2

Country: United Kingdom

Time of one series: 132-170 min

Number of episodes per season: 3-4

A story about family, politics and power. The series follows the rise and fall of three kings and how their fates have shaped history. Richard II is a vain, self-satisfied man who rules without any concern for the well-being of his subjects. He is eventually overthrown by his cousin Bolingbroke, who ascends the throne as Henry IV. Henry's reign is clouded by guilt over Richard's death, civil war, and fear for his son Hal. When Hal ascends the throne as Henry V...

The Tudors

Year: 2007 – 2010

Number of seasons: 4

Country: Ireland, Canada, USA

Time of one series: 53 min

Number of episodes per season: 10

The action of the series takes place in England, during the reign of several generations of the Tudor family. Prosperity and ruin, the wisdom of kings and the despotism of tyrants, hidden aspects of the life of the greatest figures of that time, secrets, intrigues, conspiracies and personal dramas of representatives of the famous dynasty.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Year: 2010 – 2013

Number of seasons: 3

Country: USA

Time of one series: 52 min

Number of episodes per season: 10-13

The story of the most famous Roman gladiator. Spartacus was separated from his family and forced to enter the arena, where death is the best entertainment for the crowd. Spartacus must fight for survival, befriend his enemies, and internalize the politics of a new world of violence, sex, and fame. He will be seduced by power, trying to kill and peddling. But his faith will give him the strength to overcome all trials.


Year: 2005 – 2007

Number of seasons: 2

Country: United Kingdom, United States

Time of one series: 55 min.

Number of episodes per season: 10-12

The series begins in 52 BC. e., when Gaius Julius Caesar conquers Gaul after an eight-year war and prepares to return to Rome. Caesar's niece Atia anxiously awaits the return of the emperor, the patricians are afraid that the return of Caesar will undermine the prosperity that they built at the expense of the plebs, will be undermined.

In the senate, the leaders of the patrician party convince Caesar's old friend, Pompey the Great, that Caesar has become a threat to the prosperity of Rome. this time, two legionnaires, Lucius Varen and Tit Pulo, are embarking on an adventure that, if successful, will significantly increase their well-being. The closer Caesar's legions move towards Rome, the more tension grows between soldiers and civilians, the closer to the outcome of a conflict that will forever change the history of the Roman Empire ...

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  1. Since school I have been fond of history, reading about ancient kings, emperors and tyrants was my hobby. And I really love all the series on this topic. Of course, the cat cried a real story there, but the interest does not decrease from this. Watching the formation of such great personalities as Caesar, Ragnar Lodbrok and of course Spartacus is incredibly exciting! !!

  2. I love historical series, and by the way, there are two series of the same name “Borgia”. When choosing which one to recommend, did you basically choose the unfinished one, which you stopped filming about a third of the way through the story? Or are your recommendations based on ratings/reviews from six years ago, when both were still filming?
    By the way, “Vikings” is NOT a HISTORICAL series at all, it is a pseudo-historical fantasy (realism of costume, weapons, armor – 2 out of five), like “The Tudors” – 3 minus. “The Kingdom” is good in terms of events, the costumes are a B minus – there is an excess of frankness unacceptable for officials and modern artificial synthetic materials. One of the main characteristics of a historical series is the consistency of the surroundings. And here only a few deserve a solid A. One of these surrounding pearls is the fucking Turkish historical melodrama “The Magnificent Century”. Although the content is fucking snot (however, interesting and even multi-step intrigues in the viper are quite good and give a little meaning besides admiring the surroundings).
    Your loving and wide-ranging history critic.


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