Historical monuments of Minsk include a variety of statues, memorials and monuments of the most prominent figures of culture, art, science and education of Belarus. They are interesting not only for guests of the capital, tourists and travelers, but also for everyone who is interested in history of Belarus.

Monument to Maxim Bogdanovich

Where: square near the Opera House, sq. Paris Commune
When installed: 09.12.1981/90/XNUMX - on the day of the XNUMXth anniversary of the birth of the poet.
Sculptor: S. Waqar.

Installed near the house where the poet spent his childhood. It is a statue, the height of which is 4,6 meters. It is mounted on a red granite pedestal. M. Bogdanovich holds a bouquet of cornflowers in his hands, as a reference to his work:

((...) It was so frisky and jumping Ziyayuts silver brooks, I have green praises of zbozhzha

Decorated with cornflowers. The edge of the jagged boron is tighter ...

І tche, forgetful, hand, Instead of Persian pattern Radzima flower cornflower. (Slutsk weavers, 1909)

monument to Bogdanovich

Monument to Symon Budny and Vasily Tyapinsky

Where: BSU courtyard
When installed: 2000 (in the year of the 79th anniversary of BSU)
Sculptor: I. Golubev

It is a composition: frozen in a conversation on the same bench Symon Budny (writer, teacher, philosopher, theologian and preacher, author of the Catechism) and Vasily Tyapinsky (figure of the Belarusian Reformation, fought and promoted ideas about the development of science, literature, culture in the Belarusian language ).

Monument to Maxim Ivanovich Goretsky

Where: st. Revolutionary, 2

This house used to be Inbelkult. Initially, there was only a memorial plaque on the site of the monument.

M. Goretsky is a Belarusian writer, publicist, literary critic, folklorist, public figure, teacher of Belarusian studies. In the late 1930s was arrested and shot.

monument to Goretsky

Monument to Nikolai Gusovsky

Where: BSU courtyard
When installed: 1998, the
Sculptor: V. Panteleev

Historical monuments of Minsk tell about many famous Belarusians. One of them is Nikolai Gusovsky (Renaissance writer, author of a work that is known to all the inhabitants of our country - “Song about bison").

Monument to Vladimir Korotkevich

Where: st. Communist (next to 24)
The author of the sculpture: Vladimir Slobodchikov

Vladimir Korotkevich is called one of the brightest figures Belarusian literature 20th century. The Soviet writer, poet, playwright was the first in Belarus to start working in the genre of historical detective story. His most famous works are the stories "The Wild Hunt of King Stakh", "The Gray-haired Legend" and other iconic works in the Belarusian the literature. Monuments to Korotkevich are also installed in Orsha, Vitebsk and Kiev.


Monument to Yakub Kolas

Place: pl. Yakub Kolas
When installed: 1972 (on the day of the 90th anniversary of the poet's birth)
Sculptor: Z.Azgur

The composition consists of a statue of the poet, where he is depicted sitting on a stone, and sculptures based on the works "Grandfather Talash" and "Symon-Music". There are several fountains nearby.

yakub kolas square

Monument to Adam Mickiewicz

Place: Adam Mickiewicz square (Gorodskoy Val street)
When installed: 2003, the
Sculptor: A. Zaspitsky, A. Finnish

The monument to A. Mickiewicz was created on the initiative of the Polish diaspora in Belarus. It serves as a reminder of the common past of the Polish and Belarusian people.

The sculpture is made of bronze and has a height of three meters.

monument to Mickiewicz

Monument to Francysk Skaryna

Where: Nezalezhnosti Ave., near the building National Library.
When installed: 2005, the
Sculptor: A. Dranets

One of the most visited historical monuments of Minsk. The bronze sculpture, which weighs five tons, was installed in honor of the Renaissance humanist, scientist, the first Belarusian and East Slavic book printer. Skaryna holds a book in her left hand, and blesses printing with her right hand.


Monument to Kirill of Turov

Where: patio BGU.
When installed: 2001 (to the 80th anniversary of BSU)
Sculptor: A. Prokhorov

Kirill Turovsky is a Belarusian preacher, writer, Orthodox theologian, clergyman of the 12th century, author of "Words" - sermons, instructive stories.

Monument to Yanka Kupala

Where: Yanka Kupala Square
When installed: 1972 (on the day of the 90th anniversary of the birth of the poet)
Sculptor: A.Zaspitsky, A.Anikeychik, L.Gumilevskiy

The sculpture represents the great poet of Belarus in full growth, holding a stick in his hands. It stands on a granite plinth. At the foot of the composition there is a small spring and a fern. The idea of ​​the monument is to reflect the personality of Yanka Kupala as a wrestling poet.

Yanka Kupala monument

Monument to Euphrosyne of Polotsk

Where: BSU courtyard
When installed: 1999, the
Sculptor: I. Golubev

The monument was erected in honor of the Belarusian saint, enlightener, philanthropist and heavenly intercessor of Belarus.

Sculpture to Vladimir Mulyavin

Where: Square on Mulyavina Boulevard (behind the Philharmonic)
The author of the sculpture: Alexander Kostryukov

Vladimir Mulyavin - People's Artist of the USSR, founder of the legendary ensemble "Pesnyary". A person who made an invaluable contribution to the enrichment of Belarusian culture. The monument was opened in 2017. The opening ceremony was dedicated to the 950th anniversary of Minsk. In 2014, a monument to the musician was opened in his homeland in Yekaterinburg. They also made a sculpture that now adorns Minsk.

Mulyavin monument in Minsk

Monument to Francysk Skaryna

Where: Patio BSU
When installed: 1999 year
The author of the sculpture: Sergei Adashkevich

Another monument to the humanist and printing pioneer Francysk Skaryna.

Sculpture of Yazep Drozdovich

Where: Trinity Suburb (near the building at Troitskaya nab. 2)
The author of the sculpture: Igor Golubev and V. Marukhin

Yazep Drozdovich is an outstanding Belarusian artist, graphic artist, sculptor, local historian, ethnographer, archaeologist and writer. He was even called "Belarusian Leonardo da Vinci". In his work, he revealed the image of Belarusian nature, was the first artist to touch on the theme of space, and also revived the forgotten tradition of drawing wall carpets. The sculpture was installed in 1993, and it is called "The Eternal Wanderer".

yazep drozdovich monument

Military monument to Marat Kazei

Installed in the very center of Minsk in 1959 monument to Marat Kazei - famous pioneer hero. The authors of this sculpture are the sculptor Selikhanov Sergey Ivanovich and the honored architect BSSR Volchek Victor Matveyevich.

One of the few young heroes Great Patriotic War Marat Kazei, who was 12 years old, joined a partisan detachment with his sister and mother and became a famous intelligence officer of the headquarters. The boy's mother was killed by the Nazis, and his sister got frostbite on her legs and was sent to the hospital. Moscow. Wanting to avenge the death of his mother, Marat showed courage and bravery that not every adult could show.

Fountain and sculpture "Taming the Fire"

Minsk, with a ten-century history, is rich in traditions, ancient legends, unsurpassed architecture and, of course, people. This ancient city is the cultural and educational capital of Europe, and Minsk residents are rightfully considered the most educated, carrying thousands of years of wisdom, traditions and striving for peace. This is confirmed by centuries-old monuments of architecture, sculptures and all the sights that Belarusians are proud of. Minsk is museums, theaters, libraries, universities, temples and palaces. Listing the unusual sights of Minsk, stands out sculpture Taming fire at the factoryKeramin».

This unusual sculptural composition, showing the victory of a man over a dragon, finds an explanation in the mythology of the Slavs. The Serpent or Dragon is the smartest, wisest and very reasonable creature, possessing power and power over fire. Slavic heroes, fighting with them, symbolically guarded and protected the lands and often defeated the Dragons in an intellectual duel. And this unusual landmark of Minsk shows a hero without weapons and armor, who knows no fear. Without enmity and anger on the face, looking with admiration at the wisdom, knowledge, power of fire held in the hands, collected in the form of a Serpent.

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