Historical films about the Middle Ages - this is one of the most favorite topics among fans cinematography. After all, this movie often combines many genres. This is drama, and adventure, and military themes, and even mysticism. In short, anyone can find something of their own. In this collection, our TOP films about knights. Our list of historical films about the Middle Ages will help you get into the spirit of this interesting and eventful era.

Macbeth - KP 7,1

The film takes place in the XNUMXth century. Scotland. Lord Macbeth, having won another victory in the battle, returns home with his army. On the way, he meets three soothsayers who tell him that he will soon become king. The lord has always prided himself on being in good standing with the current King Duncan, but his lust for power made him a real beast that was unstoppable. He is indulged in every possible way by his wife, who turns out to be even more vain and vile than the Lord himself. It was she who whispered to him the most incredible and terrible ideas that he brought to life. As a result, the desire for power led to very tragic consequences.

The best historical films about the Middle Ages

Iron Knight (Ironclad) - KP 6,7

The film takes place back in 1215 in England. The rebellious barons force the king to sign the Magna Carta law, which spoke of the right to freedom of both ordinary citizens and barons. However, the king changed his word and gathered an army to restore the old laws. The first target was Rochester Castle, which was defended by the Knights Templar.

The best historical films about the Middle Ages

Robin Hood (Robin Hood) - 7,2 on film search

The film takes place in medieval England, which is undergoing troubled times. The main character is a brave and brave archer named Robin Hood. He served in the army of Richard the Lionheart. Before his death, the King manages to give his sword to Robin Hood, so that he takes him to his father in Nottingham. At the same time, one of the soldiers of Richard's army is carrying the crown of the deceased king to England to give it to the new ruler.

The best historical films about the Middle Ages

First Knight - CP 7,1

The plot of The First Knight is based on the myths and legends of King Arthur and the valiant knight Lancelot. A noble knight, a warrior who goes to any battle without fear. One day, he saves the beautiful Lady Guinevere, who, on her way to Camelot, was kidnapped by the king's enemy, Sir Malagant. Lancelot falls in love with the beautiful Guinevere, but she is Arthur's lover and must marry him in order to take the throne as queen. The first knight Lancelot fought many battles, fought with a variety of opponents, fought for his lands and defended the honor of the king. But the time has come to make the most difficult choice - to continue to serve your king or betray him for the sake of the woman he loves?

The best historical films about the Middle Ages

Outlaw King - CP 6,9

Netflix streaming service never gets tired of releasing more and more new content. If it is of high quality, then we are only happy! We will be told the story of the legendary warrior Robert the Bruce. The lead role is played by Chris Pine, a famous actor from the solar California. Will he be up to the task of transforming himself into the monarch of Scotland?

The best historical films about the Middle Ages

Healer: Avicenna's Disciple (The Physician) - Kinopoisk 7,7

At the age of ten, Rob Cole experienced a terrible grief - his mother died in terrible agony. Nobody knew what disease took this woman's life and whether there are cures for her. From that moment on, Rob swore to himself that no matter what, he would solve this mystery. A long and difficult path awaits him, in which he will become a student of various medical minds: from the charlatan Barber to the great physician Avicenna, who saw in the young man an extraordinary talent for medicine. He gave Rob very important advice - do not rush to do something that does not correspond to the spirit of his time. Driven by a great desire to save people from death, Cole disobeyed the advice of his teacher twice, after which a great threat loomed over his own life.

The best historical films about the Middle Ages

Kingdom of Heaven - KP 7,6

The film takes place at the end of the XNUMXth century. The main character is the blacksmith Balian, who at the very beginning of the events described in the movie survived the death of his son and wife. One day, on the threshold of the forge, he meets a baron named Gottfried. He informs that Balian is his son, and invites the blacksmith to go on the Crusade with him. Balian accepts this offer and leaves with a detachment of knights. Gottfried, wounded during Travel, dies, but manages to make Balian a knight and appoints him as his heir. Now Balian will have to fight a strong enemy in the ranks of the Crusaders and defend his right to a peaceful life.

The best historical films about the Middle Ages

Braveheart - 8,3 CP

The film begins in 1280 in Scotland. This is the story of a legendary national hero William Wallace, who devoted himself to the fight against the British under King Edward Longshanks. He lost his father early, who died at the hands of the British, and his uncle Orgail took him in, who gave him a good education in Europe. William returns to his homeland as an adult, dreaming of starting a family and living a peaceful life. But fate decreed otherwise, his bride was killed by the British, and he began his crusade for freedom.

The best historical films about the Middle Ages

The Golden Age (Elizabeth: The Golden Age) - movie search rating 7,4

Half of the population of England extols Mary Stuart, and dreams of seeing her on the English throne, considering Elizabeth the illegitimate daughter of Henry VIII. The Spanish king, taking advantage of the difficult situation at the English court, is preparing a conspiracy. As a result, he sends a powerful armada of ships to the shores of England.

The best historical films about the Middle Ages


England, 1554 The eldest daughter of Henry VIII, Queen Mary, a devout Catholic, dies, and young Elizabeth (daughter of Henry and Anne Boleyn) becomes queen. She has to part with the joys of freedom for the sake of the power and unity of England, whose independence is threatened by Spain, France and the Pope. Elizabeth decides on the most desperate and unexpected measures, thanks to which she remained in the history of England the greatest queen and the most talented woman.

The best historical films about the Middle Ages

Joanna - a woman on the papal throne (Die Päpstin) - MP 7,6

Hidden in the secret vaults of the Vatican is a secret story of forbidden passion and intrigue. catholic church over a thousand years. Although the Vatican has not yet officially recognized the fact that a woman stayed on the holy throne for two years, legends about this still exist. Year 814 from the Nativity of Christ. Charlemagne dies on January 28, on the same day Joanna is born - a passionate nature who knew how to love, take risks and win.

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historical films about the Middle Ages


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