Buying new clothes or choosing a new refrigerator is much easier in online store. Spending a lot of time on the road to the hypermarket and looking for the right thing is not the most pleasant occupation. Of course, for some, shopping is an integral part of life and a kind of ritual. Received a salary - be kind enough to make a "tour" in all possible stores in order to be aware of all the trends of the season. But the lazy and those who, from the abundance of shop windows and crowds of buyers, start to panic and spoil their mood, there is salvation. Good, online stores in Minsk is not a rare occurrence. After all, it is much easier to open a browser and from the list the largest online stores in Belarus choose the most suitable one.

On the phone

On the website of the online store On Communication, a lot of commodity items are collected, but the company focuses on machinery. Phones, tablets, TVs, game consoles and many other products.

Online store "In touch" - promotions and description, delivery, prices

The company has constant promotions and interesting offers. More about salons In touch.

5 item

Everyone knows the store of electronics and household appliances "5 item” also works online. Any unused product can be returned to the store or exchanged for another within 30 days. What can be bought? Electrical goods from usb cable and headphones to refrigerator and TV. if there is not enough money, there is a nice addition - installment plan.

online store 5 element

There are offers for promotions and discounts of the 5th element store. Goods can be delivered both in Minsk and in settlements 60 km from it. You can pick up the finished order at the pickup points.

21th century

Perhaps one of the largest and most trusted sites for online shopping in Belarus. For 14 years on the market, 21st century became a popular Internet portal. On the site you can buy appliances, furniture, goods for the home, office or cottage, sports equipment, children's products, cosmetics and other household items.

online store 21st century

The online hypermarket offers an installment or credit purchase, with pickup or delivery (depending on the value of the goods and the region). The site provides bonuses and discounts even on popular products, there is also a system of promotional codes from the 21st century.


Many interesting and useful things can be purchased on the site The assortment of the online store includes goods for children, appliances and electronics, sports goods, unusual gifts, items for study and creativity, toys, books, cosmetics. You can even buy “sweets for joy” online.

From the abundance of items, you can lose track of time and hang here for a long time. You can pick up the ordered goods yourself or arrange delivery by courier. Of course, the online hypermarket also has promotional codes that can be used to get a discount on a placed order.

Elektrosila (

In addition to an extensive network of offline outlets, Electrosila operates as an online store with delivery. The main focus is household appliances, but the choice of other items is also pleasing.

All goods can be purchased in installments and on credit, and most importantly, come and see them live in the store. The site has promotions and discount offers, promotional codes work.


E-dostavka greatly facilitates the purchasing process. It is easy to find all the necessary products in the online store: meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, sweets, bread, dairy products. On the pages of the online store there are goods for the home, children's things, clothes, stationery and much more.

and delivery

E-delivery works throughout Belarus - look for a list of cities where you can order on the website. How to place an order in the E-dostavka online hypermarket and find promotional codes.


OMA online store, which has everything you need for construction and repair. Power tools, building materials, overalls, plumbing, household goods, furniture, goods for sports and recreation. There is a section on the site with sales and promotional items.

store oma

Delivery of ordered goods is carried out from 12:00 to 22:00.


A large site for online shopping in Belarus with a large assortment of goods. The main focus is on electronics, household appliances and computers. However, even today other categories on the site are actively replenished: recreation and health, cars, construction and even furniture. Prices are competitive, delivery works, there is the possibility of installments.

Online store Buslik

The largest store of children's goods, toys and school supplies Buslik. The range also includes clothes, shoes, baby food, diapers, sporting goods.

Buslik online store


The original devices of the Chinese company Xiaomi are sold in a network of branded stores Xistore. All products can be found in the online store of the same name. To do this, go to the site and open the device catalog.

Electric scooter companies

Among the most popular products of the network are smartphones and accessories for them, fitness bracelets MiBand, Power Bank, headphones. In addition to electrical appliances and gadgets, you can find everyday things - umbrellas, pens, suitcases, glasses, thermoses, notebooks, pillows and water filters.

You must have heard of the 24shop shopping portal. The store has been offering its services for over 18 years. The catalog contains goods for cars, appliances, furniture, interior items, building materials. There is a selection of clothing and accessories, baby products, games, cosmetics, computers and more. Goods can be delivered to any city ​​of Belarusbut you have to pay for this service. In general, a reliable portal with a convenient search.

24 shop

The first online plumbing store - Keith

Hypermarket of various goods for the house. The main profile is plumbing, but in the open spaces of the store you can find many more interesting items: furniture, doors, heating, kitchen products and more.

Kit online store

Food delivery service Delivio

A large food delivery service in Minsk Delivio (both the application and the website version work). The project was launched on the Belarusian market recently, but has already taken a strong position. There is a choice of establishments, dishes, delivery time and much more. Easy site navigation, lots of reviews.

Delivio food delivery

Mark Formelle

One of the largest and most popular clothing manufacturers has its own online store. All new and current products can be ordered online.


Online store conteshop, from a well-known brand Tale, was recognized in 2019 as the best online clothing store in Belarus. Therefore, if you have not heard about it or have not used it, then it's time to try it. In assortment online store Conte 5 main sections:

  • women's
  • Men
  • Girls
  • For boys
  • shares

Where to buy clothes in Belarus online


The online store of clothes, shoes and accessories Lamoda is in demand not only among women, but also among the strong half of humanity. Casual wear, tuxedos and evening dresses, sportswear - all the most famous brands are on Lamode. Belarusians shop here quite often.


The high rating of the site is facilitated not only by the wide assortment of the store, but also by free shipping and the opportunity to try on the product you like. You can also choose clothes for children here.


On this site, as in the previous ones, it is convenient to shop. Throw the goods into the basket, place an order and wait for the courier. A convenient menu facilitates a quick search for what you want: goods are divided into women's and men's, shoes, accessories, novelties, gifts, toys. Here you can buy a new thing on the stock.

online hypermarket wildberries

Delivery is possible both in Minsk and in other settlements of the country. In addition, the goods can be tried on and picked up at branded pickup points operating in many cities of Belarus. The site has instructions for placing an order, payment options and return of goods.

Sundays Online Store

If you are interested in goods for countryside holidays, tourism, air conditioning, garden equipment, sports equipment and much more - then Sundays will help you.

Sundays Online Store

Read more about the store, delivery methods and assortment here in this material.

Computer online store - RAM

Probably one of the strongest online stores in Belarus for computers and accessories. With a long history and experienced staff. When choosing a desktop computer, it is certainly better to contact them.

computer online store ram by

AMD Online Hypermarket

One of the old players in the Belarusian market is AMD, with a huge range of products. On the website of the store, you can purchase current equipment, both technological and household.

online store amd by

The online store offers goods for the home, garden and vegetable garden, household appliances, electrical appliances and repair tools. The catalog makes it easy to find what you need. For those who are not ready to pay for the goods in full, there is an installment plan. Delivery is carried out not only in Minsk, the courier will deliver the goods to other cities of Belarus. In the store you can always find discounted products.

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