Interesting facts about the Zavodskoy district of Minsk, also photos of cats

К Zavodskoy district many residents Minsk and visitors are extremely skeptical, and sometimes completely negative. This area deserved dislike for a large number of industrial facilities and buildings of the 50-60s. For some, this may be a minus, but not everyone sees these places as unworthy of attention. What is remarkable about this area can be found in our article, where we will tell interesting facts about Zavodskoy district. And we will show you the cats that live here.


Before the start of large-scale construction in this area, the eastern outskirts of Minsk had several names - Krasnaya grove, Antonievskoe tract, Bishop's grove. Such names are associated with Archbishop Anthony Zubko, who lived here. At first, the district was named Stalin, and in 1961 it received its modern name.


Factory area is the largest industrial area of ​​the city. On its territory there are 45 enterprises operating in the field of industry. Some of the main ones are Minsk Automobile Plant OJSC (MAZ), Minsk Bearing Plant OJSC, Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant OJSC, Minskdrev OJSC, Energotekhprom OJSC and others.


Getting to the Zavodskoy district is not as difficult as it seems. The red subway line will take you there. Stations Partizanskaya, Avtozavodskaya and Mogilevskaya are located in this area. The project is to build a metro station "Shabany".


In the area is Minsk Zoo. In it you can visit enclosures with animals, an aquarium, an exotarium, a terrarium and a Nemo dolphinarium. In total, more than two thousand animals live in the city zoo. By the way, this is the only zoo in the Belarusian capital.


One of the largest multifunctional complexes in Minsk is also located in the Zavodskoy district. V sports and entertainment complex "Chizhovka Arena" mass skating is held, gyms are open, sports competitions and games are held, and artists perform.


One of the most depressed microdistricts of Minsk devoted a whole work - "Shabany" – the novel was published in Belarusian. He wrote a true book about Shabans in 2012 Algerd Bakharevich, one of the inhabitants of the area. This area has become known as the region of gopniks, we believe it is not necessary to explain why. But now such comrades can be found infrequently.


Zavodskoy district, like all districts of Minsk, has its own coat of arms and anthem. The MAZ logo was taken as the basis of the coat of arms, and the author of the anthem was Victor Prykhach (founder of VIA "Youth"). Anthem of Zavodskoy District was written in the late 1990s and ends with lines that predicted the future in many ways: “Our children are growing up, they will come to the factories to increase the glory of their fathers.”


On the site of the largest concentration camp in the USSR "Trostenets" is memorial Complex with the same name. The 10-meter "Memory Gate" installed at the beginning of the memorial, wagons that brought prisoners to the ghetto, warehouses and granite slabs. The memorial complex can be seen in the Zavodskoy district, on Selitsky Street.


The area can be attractive for tourists with the lowest hotel prices. It is here that the cheapest hotel in Minsk - KADM. Almaz can also be attributed to the number of budget hotels in the Zavodskoy district.


And the Zavodskoy district is also good because here you can look, perhaps, into the best dining room in Minsk. Delicious food, a large assortment (from meatballs to red fish) and the cost in the check, which pleases the eye.

I hope you enjoyed our interesting facts about the Zavodskoy district of Minsk. See also the page Get to know Belarus, there are many interesting things.



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