Vienna has received the status of “the best city to live” several times, so it is not surprising that the flow of tourists here is only increasing every year. This fact, of course, greatly affects prices, so find a good hotel or an apartment could be a problem. I will share my experience of finding a hotel in Vienna for a couple of nights, and tell you my impressions of the hotel IntercityHotel Wien and I will give recommendations on how best to look for housing in the Austrian capital.

Review of IntercityHotel Wien

When looking for a good hotel in Vienna, it is important to choose the location wisely. This means not only in the conventional city center, but also close to public transport (remember, Vienna is big and there are a lot of attractions, it will be difficult to get around on foot). IntercityHotel Wien – a combination of excellent location, price and reviews on popular aggregators.

Nice hotel in Vienna
hotel building

The hotel is located 100 meters from Westbahnhof station, from where trams, metro, regional trains and, importantly, a direct bus depart international Airport.

Another plus is that the hotel is located on Mariahilfer Straße – the largest and one of the most famous shopping streets in Vienna, which connects the city center with the West Station and the 15th district of Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus.

IntercityHotel Wien

As for the rooms, at the IntercityHotel Wien they are quite classic: a large bed, a wardrobe, a TV, a table, 2 armchairs. Pros: the presence of a mini-fridge and air conditioning, but cons: weak Wi-Fi.

Nice hotel in Vienna

IntercityHotel Wien review

The toilet is neat, combined with a shower, there is a set of shampoos and gels, and replacement towels. All the necessary minimum for a comfortable stay is present.

Review of IntercityHotel Wien

I visited Vienna at the end of May, 2024, and then a room in this hotel cost me $80 per night, I booked through the Trip service, and looked at the reviews through Tripadvisor.

Hotel prices in Vienna may vary depending on the hotel category, location and season. On average, hotel prices in Vienna are approximately as follows:

  1. Budget hotels (1-2 stars): from 50 to 100 euros per night.
  2. Mid-range hotels (3 stars): from 100 to 150 euros per night.
  3. High class hotels (4 stars): from 150 to 250 euros per night.
  4. Luxury hotels (5 stars): from 250 euros and above per night.

These numbers may vary depending on the time of year, special offers and other factors. For example, during the high tourist season (summer and pre-Christmas period) prices may be higher than in the off-season.

Below is the point with the IntercityHotel Wien hotel on the map:

Options for interesting excursions, as well as a list of the main attractions in Vienna.


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