In the suburbs of the city Oshmyany there is a small village Budenovka, its historical name is Holy Spirit. The former estate of the family is partially preserved here. Strugachi. The manor house, which was quite habitable even before 2010, has been badly destroyed over the past decade. And how are things today?

Manor of the Strugach family in the village of Budenovka (Oshmyany)
This is how the manor house looks like at the end of 2022
What did Strugach's estate look like in Oshmyany
This is how the estate looked in its best years krynitsa: Ed. M. Gelbart. Tel Aviv: Oshmaner organization in Israel and Oshmaner Society in the USA, 1969

Engaged in the construction of the estate Leiba (Leo) Strugach at the very end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century. A wealthy merchant and a prominent figure in the Jewish community did a lot for the Oshmyany region. Thus, on the Oshmyanka River, the production workshops of a yeast factory grew up - one of the most successful enterprises of that time. Leiba actively invested in the development of Oshmyany, it is believed that it was with the support of the Strugachs that the unique synagogue in the historical center. For himself and his family, the merchant built a manor house in the Art Nouveau style, with a beautiful park, a fountain and a fence.

What did Strugach's estate look like in Oshmyany?

Around the house, a stone fence with a part of the entrance gate has been preserved, and outbuildings from the time of the Strugachi have survived nearby. In the early 2000s, the estate was still decorated with white stucco, and on the pediment one could see sculptural bas-reliefs of lions. However, after the last residents of the house moved out, all these decorative elements immediately disappeared.

Strugach's estate
This is what the house looked like in 2017

Abandoned manor

The fate of Strugach's heirs was deplorable - the whole family was shot by the Nazis in 1942. The estate itself, as was often the case at that time, was nationalized.

Manor "Budenovka" Oshmyany

Manor of the Strugacha family near Oshmyany

In 2021, the estate was bought by a local resident who plans to partially restore Strugach's heritage. The work ahead is colossal, as the state of the building is deplorable.

At the end of 2022, it is already clearly visible that the place is changing and moving from an abandoned to the status of private property. There is a sign warning that guests are not welcome here and you cannot enter the territory.

 An old overview video, with footage of the estate before the start of construction work:

The manor house is located in the village of Budenovka, below is a point with the location on the map. However, I do not recommend visiting this place, since in fact the building is not a historical monument, and the owner is not particularly happy with uninvited guests.

If you're in the area, be sure to check it out. ruins of a Franciscan church и Church of St. Michael in Oshmyany.

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