It is not so easy to tear a modern child away from the phone or computer. The virtual world and computer games attract a new generation of children much more than ball games in the yard. Those born in the Soviet Union will not be able to pass by a playground without a smile, where they play tag or slide down an ice slide on an oilcloth. They gathered from all over the neighborhood to play with the neighbor boys and girls. And the more kids, the merrier. So that my mother would not leave home ahead of time, we went to drink to the neighbors and were very upset when we heard “Vitya, go home” from the balcony. Going out of the allowed territory was a real challenge. One in three probably has a scar as a reward for having fun. Well, let's continue our cycle nostalgic materials about the 90s and remember the games for children on the street from the times of the USSR. Material content:


This game is also known by other names - "Catch-up", "Tea-tea, help me out", "Stop the earth." There are many variations, the essence is one. The driver needs to catch up with one of the players and pass the baton to him.

They played tag with a house. We chose a place where the players could rest. It could be a sandbox or a bench. If the participant ran there and shouted “I'm in the house”, the driver could not catch up with him. But it was impossible to stay in the house for a long time.

I remember another version of the baubles - "stop the earth." Such catch-ups were played near the playground. The driver was blindfolded and untwisted, as in blindfolds. The players ran away and should not have fallen into the hands of the driver. It was forbidden to run far, but it was possible to climb a ladder, a horizontal bar and other structures. The leader had favors. When he said “Stop the earth”, everyone who was on the ground at that time froze for 5 seconds. "Freeze" the players on the stairs could be the phrase "Stop the moon." The driver must touch the player, and this will be considered a victory and the transfer of the title of driver.

Hide and Seek

As children, we could tell a few rhymes for this game without even thinking. All the most secluded places in the yard were carefully examined and then used so as not to fall into the field of view of the presenter. Or run faster than him.


The game began at the wall, where the driver closed his eyes, turned to the wall and counted (if the yard is small, it was enough to count to 20 or 50). At this time, the children were hiding. After "1,2,3,4,5! I'm going to look for ”the host went in search. When it was possible to find one of the participants, it was necessary to run as fast as possible to the base to the wall where the game began and be the first to touch the wall. The caught player could give hints to others and was appointed as the leader the next time. If the player was the first to run, the rules require that the player touch the wall and yell "knock-knock, me". In our yard they just shouted “Me, me, me!” (so it was faster).


They played with the ball, developing dexterity and ingenuity and just having fun. The host thinks of a word and throws the ball to one of the participants. If the word is “edible” (milk), the ball must be caught, if “inedible” (cardboard) - beat off. The difficulty lies in the quick response. The faster the leader throws the ball, the more difficult it is for the participant to react and make the right choice.

Broken phone

If you got tired of running, it was time to calmly rest on a bench. This game was also called the deaf phone. The more participants, the more interesting it turned out.

A leader was chosen who came up with a word and then whispered it into the ear of one of the participants who were sitting in a row. He (also in a whisper) had to convey what he heard to the next player. And so on the chain. The last player spoke aloud the word that came to him. Most often it turned out different, and sometimes something very funny. If at the end the word that was made up came out, the leader sat at the end of the chain. No - the one who distorted got to the end.

deaf phone

When the broken phone was played in teams, the victory went to the one whose answer was more like a word conceived by the presenter.


To play the frog, you need a ball and a wall (preferably not a residential building, otherwise the angry neighbor would quickly finish the game). A line was drawn on the wall with chalk or a certain point was conditionally chosen. The player must throw the ball to the designated place and jump over it after bouncing off the wall. Those who did not succeed were considered losers. For each loss, the player was given a letter. Whoever was the first to collect the word “l-i-g-u-sh-k-a” from the letters, he lost.

rubber band

A game loved by girls of all ages. For the game, a long elastic band was needed, the ends of which were tied with a tight knot. According to the rules, it was necessary to jump over an elastic band tightly stretched on the legs of two participants. The third player must perform the exercises: a handkerchief, steps, boats and other combinations of jumps on an elastic band were known by heart.

yard games

After completing all the tasks, they moved to the next level, where the rubber band was raised higher.


A game from the times of the USSR with jumps, but without a ball. The boys played it not only in the yard, but also during a break at school, until the teacher saw it. The participants were divided into two teams. The first team acted as an elephant - the players leaned over, holding on to each other and waited for the boys from the second team to jump on the "elephant". Having run up, the player must jump onto the elephant so that there is room for other guys, in addition, you can’t change position - just jump and sit. The task of the elephant is not to fall apart and go a couple of steps. The goal of the second team is to hold on while the “elephant” is moving.


In childhood, they conquered territory with a knife. It sounds scary, in fact it was fun and interesting, at least in our yard there were no casualties. The first step was to discreetly take a knife out of the house, or even two, if the friend's parents were at home. A circle was drawn on the ground and divided into equal parts between the players. It was necessary to stick a knife into the ground on enemy territory and, without going beyond your own border, cut off a piece of land. The knife stuck and the line is drawn - the land is yours. If the knife lands with the handle, the opponent's move. Whoever wins the circle wins.


I inherited the hump nose from my father, but considering how many times he suffered from dodgeball, it was probably just broken, and memory fails. Probably everyone remembers "Bouncers". In my childhood, they even played it in physical education classes.


Find the lightest ball first, otherwise the game will be brutal. Dodgeball is more fun to play with a large group of people. Two players are chosen to stand on both sides of the court. The rest of the players are in between. The task of the bouncers is to throw the ball and touch the players with it, and, accordingly, they need to dodge the shelling. Players in the center can catch the ball and earn themselves or a friend a life.

When there is only one person left in the team, it is stipulated how many times he needs to dodge the ball in order to win.

Ocean is shaking

"The sea is worried once, more worries two, more worries three! Marine figure, freeze in place.

Lines that remain forever in memory. The essence of the game is to make the most believable figure (you can lie down, sit down, but do not use foreign objects). The topic is chosen by the moderator. Whose figure is the most unfortunate - leads. There is another option, where the leader in turn revives the players frozen in poses and chooses the best improvisation of the figure on a given topic.


If on earth they saw drawn squares, no one thought about the drawings left by the aliens. It was clear to everyone - the guys were playing square. It was played on the street. 4 participants drew a large square and divided it into 4 equal parts. The first player hit the ball on the ground so that it hit the opponent's square. He had to hit the ball with his feet, without touching it with his hands and head.

ball game square
Played up to a certain number of points. If the ball was hit in the opponent's square more than once, it was awarded 1 point. The ball flew out of the square - again a point. Who scored more points, he lost.


Yard games of our childhood are not complete without this cult entertainment of several generations. Boys played Cossack robbers. The participants were divided into two teams - "Cossacks" and "robbers". The Cossacks are building a headquarters for themselves, where they need to bring all the malicious robbers who fled around the district and find out their secret password. Cossacks can resort to torture - tickling, wild rose by the collar or nettles are used. And the robbers must capture the headquarters of the Cossacks. The boundaries of the territory are stipulated, and it is impossible to violate them. Arrow hints on the pavement, walls and trees help to find the robbers. Cheating is not allowed.


An alternative to the rubber band and no less favorite childhood game. The classes were mostly played by girls. Chalk on the pavement drew 10 equal squares, as in the photo. There are several game options.

In our yard they played like this: first they threw a cue ball (for example, a pebble) into the first square, if the pebble did not fly to another number or out of the field, you need to jump all the cells and return to the beginning to pick up the cue ball. The next level is to roll on the number 2 and jump again. And so on up to 10. If the cue ball does not hit the desired square, the move goes to the next participant.

The first person to complete all levels wins. It was impossible to become in one cage with two legs. Some complicated the rules by only jumping on the left foot or over the cage. Remember what rules you had?

Hot potato

The ball acted as a potato. They chose the lightest ball in the yard so as not to cripple anyone. The players stand in a circle and throw the ball to each other. The one who could not catch sits in the center of the circle in the so-called "cauldron". You can save from the boiler by throwing the ball to the center. The one who was touched by the ball returns to the game. Participants can get out of the cauldron by touching a flying ball with an outstretched hand, while squatting, it is impossible to stand up to their full height. If one of the players reached out, everyone is released from the cauldron, and the one who made the throw must sit in the center instead of them.


We played with a company of up to 7 people (more or less). They chose the carrier and gave him a small object. The rest of the participants sat in a row and folded their hands with their palms inward. The host approached everyone and allegedly handed over the item, but only one got it. It had to be done invisibly. The lucky one, in whose hands the item ended up, also did not show it. After the phrase of water "Ring, ring, go out on the porch!" the player with the object ran away, and the rest of the participants had to keep it.

It’s nice to remember the old days, but what happened is gone and you need to follow new trends. Games for children now look different, but still delight them in the same way that we used to enjoy winning hide-and-seek. So choose modern entertainment for your children. And the story "But in our time ..." no one forbade.

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