Finding a hotel for a solo trip to Dubai can be quite an adventure. On the one hand, there are hundreds of luxury and unique hotel complexes in the city - on the other hand, their cost sometimes reaches up to $500 per night. In addition, all hotels in the city are located in 2 places: along the metro line, which is an average 30-minute walk from the bay. Or near the water, but these hotels are more like resorts and often the price per night in them will not please the budget tourist. A good option for a host in Dubai get a room in a chain hotel near a station Metro and a bus stop. For example - Holiday Inn Express. Hotels of this type always guarantee a certain level of service; they have a mandatory continental breakfast and transfer.

Review of Holiday Inn Express Dubai

Why is it important to look for a hotel with convenient logistics? If you don’t plan to use a taxi, then you will have to travel long distances, and walking in hot Dubai is not the best entertainment (especially in the summer months). The closest station to the Holiday Inn is Bussiness Bay, which is about a 6-minute walk. From here you can easily get to the main attraction - Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall (just one stop), go to other beaches and Palm Island, get to the airport or bus station from which the bus departs to Abu Dhabi.

Nice hotel in Dubai city

The room itself at the Holiday Inn Express is quite typical - it is a room of about 23 meters with a large bed, a separate sofa, a work space and a TV.

Holiday Inn Express Dubai - Safa Park

Spacious bathroom with shower, hairdryer and necessary set of soap accessories.

Cheap hotel in Dubai

The downside is the lack of a balcony. In hot Dubai, on the one hand, not everyone needs this, but there won’t be any special options for drying things after the beach. Wi-Fi works quickly and properly, they are cleaned daily - towels are changed, the bed is made and drinking water is added. For breakfast, you will find the timeless classics of American hotels, but with an oriental flavor - the menu includes flatbreads, falavel, and sabji.

How to feed at Holiday Inn Express Dubai

Also, underground parking is available for hotel guests, which will be important for those traveling by car (it makes sense to rent a car in the UAE). The hotel has a gym, its own restaurant and spa.

You can view prices for your travel dates here.

Below is a point with the location of the hotel on the map:

In Dubai, I recommend going to the desert and also visiting a unique zoo – The Creen Planet.


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