In 1738 year Kholkhlovo was built Church of the Virgin Mary. Surprisingly, the temple has been completely preserved to this day, although it is made of wood. Pan Yazvinsky erected near the church stone chapelwhich is also worth a look.

Church Holhlovo is an architectural monument of wooden architecture with features of baroque and classicism. Inside the temple looks modest and ascetic, but this is rather a plus.

A difficult time for this place began in the middle of the 19th century, after the suppression of the Kalinovsky uprising. In 1866 the church was closed and transferred to the Orthodox Church.

Around 1919, the church in Kholkhlovo was returned to the Catholics. The temple was re-consecrated under the name Most Holy Virgin Mary.

Holhlovo church

It is not difficult to get to the agricultural town of Kholkhlovo, do not confuse it with Khokhlovo. From Minsk about 90 kilometers and an hour of travel. You need to go along the M6 ​​highway to the town of Sharay, and then turn to the village of Dory. From where it's about 10 minutes more.

More sights of Belarus on our map. Below is an overview video, where there are shots from the Kholkhlov church.

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Maria Kuznetsova
Maria Kuznetsova
4 years ago

Did you read Khokhlovo first? Or is there a typo on your website?