Green water lake known as Hoankiem, located right in the center of the capital Vietnamcity Hanoi. Among the continuous plains, which are slashed by numerous rivers, the famous lake of the returned sword. Many tourists include a visit to this attraction in their itinerary. We also recommend doing this, especially since you won’t be able to drive past even if you want to.

The description should begin with a historical summary. Lake in Hanoi was formed in a natural way in the bed of the ancient Red River. However, later a beautiful legend was formed about him, which made the lake something of a cultural heritage of Hanoi.

The famous legend of the lake of the returned sword in Hanoi

The legend awakens in the locals the spirit of independence and pride that their country has such an amazing place. According to legend, during the fierce struggle of the Vietnamese for their independence and freedom with the Chinese army, a magical turtle swam out of the lake.

It was the tortoise that gave the emperor Le Loya sword Thuan Thien. Le Loi was an ordinary fisherman who led a rebellion against the Chinese occupation and their claims to the lands of Vietnam. Having received it, the fisherman acquired inexhaustible strength.

As a result, with the help of a sword that bestowed unearthly strength and already being an emperor, Le Loi was able to defeat and expel the enemy army of Chinese troops.

Having gained independence from dangerous neighbors, Le Loi was able to form the powerful Li dynasty on the territory of the Vietnamese state. After this, the emperor decided to thank the magic turtle, thereby arranging a chic and magnificent celebration.

The emperor-liberator decided to swim on the lake in a boat. After the boat finally reached the middle of the lake, a huge tortoise swam out in front of it in an unknown way, asking for the gift of the sword to be returned to it. After a while, magically, the sword itself slipped out of the hands of Emperor Le Loya. The weapon that gave strength to the monarch ended up in the mouth of a turtle, which immediately plunged into the depths of the lake.

After the sword was returned, the turtle promised that if the threat of seizing the country reappeared or riots occurred in the state, she would return the weapon, which had power unknown to anyone.

Since those memorable times, the Vietnamese have nicknamed the place "the lake of the returned sword." The attraction constantly reminds the locals of the crushing war with China and the victory of the Vietnamese army. After all, it was after the victory over the Chinese army that a new ruling dynasty was formed in the country.

Visit Hoan Kiem Green Water Lake

The lake of the returned sword can be visited absolutely at any time. But many advise visiting the lake twice - once in the morning or afternoon, and the second time in the evening. Firstly, during the day you can visit the temple near the lake, but in the evening the beautiful illumination around the lake turns on. You definitely won't regret it!

The lake itself is surrounded on the north and south by two small islands. As for the northern island, there you can see jade mountain temple, to which a charming bridge of the rising sun leads from the shore.

And in 1886, Turtle Tower was built on the island, which is located close to the center of the lake.

In honor of the very magical turtle that helped the then simple peasant who dared to raise an uprising against the invasion of foreign troops. But judging by some sources, the original construction of the tower was not planned in honor of the “keeper of the sword”. Initially, so that the local official could best hide the relics of his father. However, as soon as the public found out about this, his idea was immediately suppressed. Therefore, it is commonly believed that this tower stands as a veneration and memory of the magical turtle. We also like this legend much more!

We recommend visiting Hoan Kiem Lake and taking a look at these two islands, the atmosphere is unreal. Also, the main street is often blocked, especially on holidays and weekends.

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It is worth noting the fact that a turtle actually lives in the lake. However, it pops up only during some important and significant events. She was seen when there was a congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam and when the head of China visited the country. They say that they saw a turtle during the opening of a monument dedicated to Le Loi. The same once simple fisherman who became emperor after defeating the Chinese invaders.

This perhaps ends the description of one of the most picturesque attractions in hanoi. The undoubted advantage is also that you can look at the lake of the returned sword for free.

Among other things Vietnam can be visited in winter. Just at the moment when a severe frost sets in in Eastern Europe, it is warm here. A change of scenery is sometimes very useful for a person, and Hanoi leaves wonderful emotions.

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